Linkin’ up today with Erin over at Living in Yellow and if you’ve never read her ramblings perfectly coherent posts, ya need to! Girlfriend has got some serious untapped talent in the humor department. Though, maybe it is tapped thanks to her blog? That’s neither here, nor there. Go tap that. Thank you.

Who can resist a face like that? Fine, if you can resist this one, she has plenty of others where she’s scarfing mac and cheese. GET IT GIRL.
Let’s get down to the title of the post, shall we? She has challenged her readers to take their age, and make a list of that number of things they’d like to do in that year. 23 years old over hurrr–23 things…here we go!
1. Fall in love….for real. No really, 2011 did me dirty in the man department. And now, I have Dane–the man upstairs is doing BIG THINGS in 2012.
I must really love you all to post this positively HEINOUS photo of myself…
 2. Conquer fondant for cake decorating. DONE.
3. Move home. DONE.
4. Make a conscious effort to save money for the future–ONGOING. Dammit, this is hard. I curse my obsession for online shopping.
5. Get serious about my health–eating healthier and working out.

6. Make more time for family.
7. Send at least one hand-written card per week to a family or friend. Handwriting is becoming a lost art–I plan on saving it one cursive letter at a time.
8. Learn to like running. No really…LEARN. I started at the end of 2011 and before that I’d run for 1 minute and pant like a an overweight dog on a humid day. Picture it–not so pretty. Progress is being made, but don’t worry, I still have a love/hate relationship with it.
9. Be more appreciative for what I have and not what I want.
10. Grow professionally–and I have! But I won’t vote this one DONE, because let’s face it, we can ALL learn. 

11. Don’t get sunburnt; skin cancer! Whoops, this already happened. FAIL.
12. Go to NYC for New Year’s Eve. Nothing says welcoming a new year quite like being herded like cattle in the freezing cold in a tight bedazzled dress and heels. BRING IT ON.
13. Learn more about the blogging world and pay more attention to this little space. I’m trying people, don’t have a cow when I don’t post every single day. Sometimes I don’t have anything worth reading to say…contrary to popular belief, I DO have a life. When I think of things to say, I blog. There you have it.
14. Buy a car. Vroom, Vroom. Nothing crazy–something practical. Champagne taste on a beer budget, ya feel me?
15. Stop worrying about things I can’t control. HA! Yeah right…lofty goals I set for 23. 
16. Go on vacation. DONE—Actually DONE x 6. It’s only July. You do the math. I’m not ashamed; sister likes to kick back and relax. Is that a crime?
17. Stop buying cheap clothes and buy more quality pieces.
18. With #17, Accessorize! Ah geeze, I’m so guilty of wearing the same shit every. single. day. Diamond cross necklace, diamond studs, silver Michael Kors watch. I don’t break from classic–especially not for down-to-there bubble necklaces. I’m trying to be better in this department–suggestions?!
19. Be better at documenting things, whether it’s photos, this blog, a journal…SOMETHING! I’m so guilty of just whipping out my phone and snapping a pic. Instagramming it later, of course.
20. Attend a costume party.
21. Kick my nail-biting habit. Haven’t managed to do it in 15 years, so we’ll see if 23 is the magic year.
22. Be more optimistic instead of realistic. It’s easy to see reality, but sometimes it’s more fun to dream!
23. Make a real effort to visit my friends (all over the country!) whenever possible.
That’s me, owning my 22nd year…and now we’re half way through my 23rd. SLOW DOWN LIFE!
What are YOUR plans for your _____ year?
July 21, 2012
July 26, 2012


  • Woot! following from the LIY hop.

    Happy Wednesday!

  • I love the picture of you and your man. SO adorable!

    Your cake decorating skills are impressive. I so badly wish I had some artistic talent, but not so much.

    I didn't quit biting my nails until I was 20, so don't give up! There is hope for you!

    Also, I used to be in your shoes with the military LDR with my husband. So if you ever need to vent, I've been there and I'm all ears.

    Good luck on completing your list!
    Happy Wednesday 🙂

  • Love your list! I had to read it seeing as my list is also 23 in 23. It was a must, right?

    Anyway, I am RIGHT there with you on the whole running thing. My body's not a fan. And you did a fantastic job on that cake! Oh for a talent like that

    Consider me a new (and entertained) follower 🙂

  • This made me giggle, particularly with running. I'm fairly sporty but HATE running/jogging and it's the easiest/cheapest thing to do…might have to learn to love it like you said 😛

  • I love this list! I have almost the exact same goals. Especially with jewelry! I wear pearl studs, a drop pearl necklace and the same rights ever single day. I need to get more excitement going on on my head! Also, love the cake.