I don’t think that title needs much explanation. It’s hard work to run a house, and that’s all I have to say about that. Add a child to the mix and I don’t know how you SAHM do it. Not to worry, no children will be added to this mix anytime soon. I am very much still in the stage where they’re cute until they start to cry. Then back to your mother and father you go.

But seriously..between grocery shopping, meal planning, and keeping things picked up–I’m spent. Add a job and a dog to my equation and you’ve got drinking wine every single night of the week. They first step’s admitting there’s a problem, right? Right. But no problems over here! We love the vino.


Is it bad I’m already listening to Christmas Pandora? I’m a season pusher. When it’s summer, I want fall. When it’s fall, I want winter. And when it’s winter, I want summer. I never wish for spring, because my allergies get their groove on when the flowers come out and I don’t particularly enjoy being a snot spout.

I actually don’t listen to this station. I listen to Mariah Carey Christmas because I cannot get enough of her high pitched awesome, and NSYNC Christmas? Come on now. You can’t lose.

So yeah, there’s that.

And then there’s all this I cooked last night. Cooking is cheaper than therapy and I don’t think they offer wine at therapy. Just sayin’.

Potato chowder and pumpkin cream cheese muffins FOR DAYS. I don’t know how to cook for one person. In fact, I think it’s impossible. Maddie very much enjoys this philosophy.

Word bubble appropriately placed, because Maddie is incapable of sitting like a lady.

And there you have it. No substance, all fun. Just how I like it on a Friday. Happy weekend!

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October 11, 2012
October 16, 2012


  • I had to do the same for quite some time, except with two pups! ayee!

  • Christmas music is okay… if they had thanksgiving music i'm sure you would listen to that too πŸ™‚

  • Jes

    I also love Hanson's Christmas Album – Snowed in, and Jessica Simpson's Rejoyce. So good! But I save it all for December.

  • I mean, is there really anything better than MC at Christmas time. Well, her and Amy Grant, but other than those too I don't think you need anything else.

  • "Potato chowder and pumpkin cream cheese muffins FOR DAYS" send some my way!!
    MC Christmas Pandora is an obvious choice. Also…
    My name is Sarah, and I am a season pusher.

  • Haha, I feel the same way! I can barely take care of my two dogs πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

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  • That potato chowder looks yummy! Teach me!

  • Yum and yum. I am hungry and jealous. Oh and jealous of the wine too.

  • What a cute pup…


  • I love your posts! they make me laugh!

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  • Hehe I totally have to delete pics where Weiser is sitting inappropriately…The word bubble is smart! I feel ya on trying to keep everything together alone. It's a LOT by yourself.

  • …and now I'm totally off to type both "mariah carey christmas" and "NSYNC christmas" into pandora haha

    What a fun/laid back weekend!

  • Emm

    Haha @ the word bubble. Maddie is adorable and I seem to cook for a lot of people too even when there are just 3 of us!!

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