It’s no secret that I really love animals. My family makes fun of me, because when we’re out and I see a dog (or any other animal really) I ask “Can I pet your dog?” By my own standards this is not weird at all, just showing some animal love. Because of this, I also have to avoid animal shelters and humane societies at all costs, because every single animal would come home with me. I mean it..even the pit bulls, because darnit, they need homes too and I don’t believe in a single breed being “vicious”. People make them vicious! Okay, I’m ranting..

When I met Sarah, I knew she and Floyd were my new pet and human best friends–because she understands that when I write her an e-mail about Maddie cramming herself under my desk during a thunderstorm, she can counter with Floyd howling at kids playing outside in the yard. We’re dog people, okay?

Alright, so if you already thing I’m ridiculous this might be where you should stop reading. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I wanted to wait until further into October to announce this juicy bit…but..

<drum roll please>

Maddie has decided on a Halloween costume, and since it’s Tuesday and we could all use a little lift. I will inundate you with photos of Maddie in full costume regalia. What is she, you may ask? A charming ballerina, of course.

And now for the granddaddy of them all…WHO WORE IT BEST?


October 12, 2012
October 17, 2012


  • hahaha! You got yourself another dog lover here… Stella is gonna be a witch (again).. momma's (dad) too cheap to buy another costume…unless I find a really good one!

  • Your doggy is too cute! LOL.



  • OMG hahah this is too great!!

  • Love her cute tutu! And you are no crazy dog lady, I like to think of it as normal! Dogs make our lives complete, at least they do mine! πŸ™‚

  • two beautiful little ballerinas!!

  • HI – I'm a new follower and def a fellow dog lover!! When I had my son …. most people get their other "child(ren)" "big brother" or "big sister" shirts …. well I had shirts made for my dogs "I'm the big sister" my husband thought I was crazy, but I loved them and the pics of the "kiddos" turned out great!!

  • Hahaha she looks adorable! My dog hates wearing clothes but she will if I make her πŸ™‚ I'm sooo not allowed near any type of animal shelter. Saturday petsmart had adoptions and I almost started tearing up near the big dogs who wear crying and giving kisses through the cages…..I need to go lock myself away so I don't go adopting

  • this is so awesome- I may have to copy!! my dog (a doberman) might look pretty cute in that as well! Your blog is so great! Love it, can't wait to follow!!
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  • Oh. My. LANTA… Cutest, sweetest ballerina EVARRRRR!!! She's so smart, knowing you can never go wrong with a tutu!

  • You guys look SO cute!! I'm a huge dog lover too. I was just in an animal shelter helping my brother-in-law pick out a dog and I wanted to take all the pits home πŸ™‚

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  • Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Love this. You both look like beauties!!

  • OMG! This post just made my day! Maddie is adorable and I'd love to pet her. She looks so sweet! Glad she's already gotten her costume nailed down for this year! Both of you look gorg! Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚

  • That is hilarious! What a good sport Maddie is, my pup would have that tutu torn to shreds in seconds.

  • Bahahah AMAZING!! Maddie is gorgeous!! πŸ˜‰ I am a wannabe crazy dog lady. My allergies keep me having my own, I blow up with hives and puffy eyes, it SUCKS.

  • This made me giggle. Once you have a dog its impossible to not be a crazy dog lady! Maddie is a beautiful dog and she makes a fabulous charming ballerina!

    Btw i love you blog, just followed!


  • oh my gosh i am a dog crazy momma too and i love the tutu on your Maddie!! she is adorable

  • Bahahahah! She looks beautiful!

  • Hahaha i love this. She looks thrilled!

  • I love it! I haven't bought my furry baby a halloween costume yet, but trust me she will have one. Maddie looks ready for the holiday, shes so cute =)

  • OMG I hate to say it, but I think she wore it best. Haha.

  • Jen

    Oh my this is too cute! I am still working on my pups costumes so I guess that makes me a crazy dog lady also! πŸ™‚

  • Maddie looks so cute!

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