A lot of times things that are going on in the world (ahem..political debates), get all of us too caught up with negative feelings. I’m the first to admit that I feel very strongly toward one candidate, but I respect those that feel differently, so long as you have a basis for your reasoning and are an informed voter–may you carry on without judgement. Differences of opinion are what make the world go ’round. That being said, I’m sick of the negativity that this has evoked within the blogging world. In the end, the sun is going to rise no matter who gets elected. (thank you very much Taylor)

Without further commentary, I bring to you some of my own inspiration via a random sampling of my blog roll. I’m inspired by…

Brie, who brings good causes to light. She never ceases to amaze me in the stories she features on her blog. Today, I’m loving Ty’s story. What a little cutie..and it’s his birthday!

Erin, who finds the happiness in most all situations–even being stuck in her bed sick this week! I mean, she was still able to eat Drumsticks–PURE HAPPINESS!

Kelly, who wanted to support KTies without even knowing exactly how they worked or what they were.

Sarah, who goes out of her way to help me pin down exactly what will work for my dog for a Halloween costume, and makes me laugh throughout the day with Floyd stories. #dogownersunite

Janna, a military wife, who works tirelessly to fill care packages for soldiers to receive while they are away from home.

Whitney, who took a change to speak her mind via blogspot. That takes guts!

Devon who quit her traditional job to follow her dreams.

Kaitlyn who was brave enough to guest post about something really personal. Not only did she share it…but she did it on someone else’s space. Go girl!

Shasta and Shay opening up about life lessons and sharing personal stories. 

And this is just a small sample of all the GOOD that is out there.

What is inspiring YOU today?


  • Girrrrl, you so sweet!

  • Whitney stole the words out of my mouth! Thanks girl!!

  • This is such a sweet post! Great group of ladies!! Thank you for the mention! Can't wait to try em!

  • You are the sweetest EVER. I need to check out the ladies that I don't know! I heart you! xoxo

  • I loved your post on Janna's blog. My Army (and ranger school graduate) hubby and I got close over email during his first deployment and we he got back, we were engaged 6 months late. Everyone thought we were crazy! Such is the life of an Army relationship, right? Hope you are having a wonderful time in San Fran with your man!

  • This is a great idea! I'll have to check these awesome posts out!

  • What an awesome awesome post!

  • Lovely post! Some people should understand by now, it is okay to agree that you both disagree. Love that first paragraph! 🙂