For all you smarties, that’s Friday and February.

Whew, now that we got that out of the way, I’ve got some really fun things to share with you all. And by really fun, I mean wedding details. Who knew I’d be getting excited over table linens?! But people, it has happened. That moment has come and gone.

And then I see necklaces like this and my engaged little heart does a two step.

Necessary, right? I thought so, too. And then I saw the price tag and even my “I need it now” mentality had to take a step back. $78 smackers for this, and I love it and all, but I think the diamond on my left hand should do the talking. Though if any of you are interested in purchasing it for me, you can buy it here. Gold, silver–I’m really not picky.

And I know what you’re thinking…shoes. Yes, shoes. I’m having heart palpitations over shoes. Because I think they’ll be the perfect compliment to THE DRESS I BOUGHT. But don’t think you’re getting your grubby little mitts on a photo of that. Not until after the wedding, of course. Ironically it was the very first dress I tried on and every single dress after that didn’t even stand a chance of measuring up. Score 10 for the girl who knows what she wants.

Did I mention Dane comes home IN ONE WEEK for a quick little weekend trip? Kind of ironic, because flying for 16 hours from Hawaii to the East Coast doesn’t exactly spell out “quick weekend trip” to me, but hey–tomato, tomato, right?

In 72 hours we will be meeting with our priest, having our cake tasting, driving an hour+ each each way for Dane to speak at an all day conference, AND getting our engagement photos taken. If that doesn’t sound like a jam packed planning-palooza, I don’t know what does.

Now, it’s time to discuss two very important things happening this weekend.

Groundhog Day. And if you ever DO make it to Phil’s neck of the woods, then you’re in for a real party. As in, a Pennsyltucky-style Mardi-Gras complete with long coats and top hats. Google it.

And I would be doing a disservice to my former self if I didn’t talk about the Super Bowl. Sports is how I started my career and I miss it more than I miss carbs, so I’d be remiss in asking…

Who’s your pick?

I’ll take Beyonce for the win.

January 30, 2013


  • Sam

    LOVE the shoes! I say splurge & treat yo'self to the necklace, too πŸ™‚

  • I Love that Mrs. necklace too! I actually received it as a gift and am thinking about wearing it for our wedding reception and on the honeymoon!!

  • Eeeek that necklace is too perfect!! I hope it graces your neck very soon! I cannot get over the fact that THE dress was the first one you tried on. I'm so indecisive I pray for my mom when the day comes she has to help me shop for one. Yikes!
    Happy Fribruary!! (dig it by the way)

  • Obsessed with those shoes. Gorgeous. That Kate Spade necklace is beautiful too, but you're right, I wouldn't pay $78 for that. Have you checked Etsy?

  • Maybe if we both talk about that necklace enough Mister and Dane will get the hint. Maybe they can get a 2 for 1 deal?!

  • you have been veryyy busy wedding planning! you got your shit together, impressive! and i am very excited about beyonce. like it's all i really care about.

  • That necklace is adorable!!! I completely forgot that Groundhogs Day is tomorrow, this makes me want to bust out the movie!

  • Love the shoes (and the necklace). And love your blog. #RavensNation is my pick for sunday!

  • I got the necklace for Christmas – and maybe I'm biased but I think it's worth it!

    Gonna have to go with the Ravens on this one just so everyone will shut up about Kapernick and his tattoos.

  • That necklace is so pretty!!

  • Yea…you just gave me anxiety with all your wedding prep. Since mine is 2 months away. And I haven't done half that crap. Oops. I DO have that Kate Spade necklace though so HA!

  • Love that necklace and them shoes are amazing!!!

  • I have been keeping an eye on that necklace for two years lol. I so want it but that price tag dissuades me every single time. Congrats on finding the dress! When Ryan and I got married, I found one online that was shipped from China (I know, super questionable) and it fit like a glove. I got super lucky with that because we were on such a strict budget for our courthouse wedding. I can't wait to see pictures and more details!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE that MRS. necklace! I'm going to a wedding and so going to buy it right now!