So I had a different post today and when I looked at it this morning, I couldn’t figure out why I would have scheduled it when I had such an amazing weekend with Floyd & Co that I know all of you are dying to know about. And even if you aren’t I feel guilty withholding photos of from such a fun weekend. But if you aren’t..I mean…

I mean, seriously…THOSE EYES!

I will forewarn all of you that I don’t have a single photo of Sarah and I–only one pretty faced Basset and all his fabulous antics. Just another reason I’m the craziest of dog ladies. If you want proof I actually did spend time with humans this weekend, Sarah took some really good photos of all our activities here.

As I was saying…

I’m just going to come right out with it and say what every blogger has said before–the blogging community has an amazing way of bringing together people that would be perfect real life friends through their digital presence. It’s kind of like a Twitter hashtag…reaching that audience you might never have reached before..Ohhhh here I go.

That is neither here nor there…what I’m saying is that I’m so grateful for meeting new friends like Sarah and Blake (Katie, Autumn, & Bethanny, too!), because I know that even though I have to leave soon, there will be many, many more trips to visit each other. Smooches all around!

I arrived Friday evening and as if hosting me in their own home and giving me free reign to love on their pet wasn’t enough–Blake & Sarah gifted me with this super adorable notepad for Dane and my’s engagement. So in love–I mean seriously, be cuter. You can’t. And because it was National Margarita Day, we went out to enjoy some Mexican food and margs.
Saturday and Sunday brought shopping and more eating. I mean, for real, speak right to my dog, food, and shopping loving heart why don’t ya?

And it was at some point during all of this that I was informed that women sometimes eat the placenta after they give birth. EXCUSE ME WHAT? And so there you have it. Parmesan Placenta. Because if you’re going to eat it (excuse me while I vomit)…you should probably add cheese. Cheese makes everything better. But really, has anyone else ever heard of this? Have I been duped?

Happy Monday!

 Now excuse me, while I go snuggle Floyd.

February 21, 2013


  • I've heard some animals do that…gag. No thanks I'll pass! That puppy's eyes are just SO CUTE!

  • I've never really understood it, but I've heard that in some places it's considered good luck to eat the placenta. I don't even know. But I've heard of it happening quite a bit. (No one that I know personally, luckily.) But it just seems a bit gross to me.

  • Floyd really isn't going to let you leave. And neither am I.

  • so stinkin cute. i love that dog.

  • I think you're me. I feel just as crazy dog lady about Floyd yet I've never even met the pooch. The one of you staring at each other is just pure love.

    And the placenta thing is disgusting BUT it does make perfect sense. All the other mammals do it. I watched my dog give birth and slop all of it up faster than you'd eat cheese. I guess it helps a whole lot of things after being preggo

  • Serioulsy just threw up in my mouth, it's safe to say that I will never ever ever ever even think twice about doing ANYthing with a plenceta that does not involve growing or birthing a child.


    but that dog is adorable and your weekend sounds fabbb!

  • After seeing all of the awesome blogger dates and meet ups I'm thinking one needs to be arranged for central PA bloggers! If you're interested I would love to make it happen!

  • I heard of it for the first time last week – my co-worker's sister-in-law did it! I wanted to die in my cubicle. But more importantly, how precious is that dog?!

  • He is adorable.

  • Hahah, I ATE MY PLACENTA!! And loved every minute of it. Hahah, no but really. I didn't eat it, it was encapsulated – so I swallowed it whole! 🙂 It really is a crazy thing to think about – but once you have the details makes SO much sense. It is the BEST thing you could ever put into your body, it is like a multivitamin tailored to EXACTLY you. Haah, anyways 🙂 – and I post that, so you can go read about my thoughts on it. haha.


  • Ewww! yes I have heard of that! I am vomiting right along there with you. It's their prerogative, I just know I can't do it!

  • So cute! I love you and Floyd! I love bloggy long distance dates, they are my fave! Thanks for linking up sweet girl 🙂

  • So happy you and Sarah got to hang out!! Blogging really is an amazing way to find your new BFFs. Crazy, right!!!??? I loved reading her post about the weekend. And excuse me while I go barf from reading that last paragraph. WTH?????

  • aren't you lucky to get to hang out with sarah and floyd all weekend?? lucky you!!

  • So glad I got to meet you! I'll keep you posted about our plans for our trip this fall! Hope you can come back soon!

  • I love this post and your Floyd photos. And, per Sarah's post today, I think meatloaf is the most perfect nickname ever.

    Also, I can't decide if I'm grossed out or intrigued by the whole placenta thing. I mean, I don't think I would ever do it myself, but it's sort of like the gruesome ish that you can't turn away from. I dunno.

  • I heard about the placenta thing…and it's just TOO much for me. Haha

  • I think he was food for dogs