Happy Monday! It’s pretty lame that some of us have to work today and that Christmas was 5 days ago already. I always feel a little bit sad around this time of year–the main event is done! The decorations are down! The food has been eaten! (insert really sad song like “Chasing Cars”)
In light of all of these things, 2013 was a bang up year and I don’t think you can be a blogger without doing one of these handy dandy little recap posts at the end of every year so let’s just get right down to it, shall we?

Dane and I got engaged, I turned 24 and I said YES TO THE DRESS! It was a great way to start the year!

I moved to Hawaii, we picked out our wedding cake & Dane spoke at his alma mater, Lafayette College, on a leadership panel.

I visited Sarah (& Floyd!), Dane & I went to Maui, and we got our engagement photos back!

We celebrated a very Hawaiian Easter and I worked the NFL Draft!

I found out I was going to be in Sport’s Illustrated AND that I had gotten a client of mine placement in Food & Wine Magazine. It was a big month for magazines πŸ˜‰

Dane and I traveled to Lanai and did a little house re-decorating.

My parent’s came to visit us in Hawaii and we celebrated the Fourth together!

Dane and I snuck one last trip to Lanai in and we moved out of our old house.

Dane deployed, I visited friends in Seattle and I left for Italy. I wish I had something more to put here, because putting it so bluntly kind of makes me seem heartless, but the back-to-back nature of this scheduling was actually the best thing that ever happened.

I came home from Italy and I bought all new furniture for our new house in Hawaii!

I celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents in Pennsylvania, attended two Penn State football games, visited my grandparents in NC and visited Sarah again.

And, just because it will probably never get old, December brought Dane home πŸ™‚

It’s safe to say to that 2013 was a truly amazing year — I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!
Happy New Year, everyone!

December 28, 2013


  • You had such a wonderful year. I can't wait to see what 2014 brings to you!

  • Such a good year!!! But I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store!!

  • What an amazing year! Congrats on all of the above! πŸ˜‰

  • What a great year you had!

  • Oh goodness. You seem so put-together for a 24 year old! I always have bloggers I love following and when I find out we're the same age I'm like…..NO. Cheers to a great year! Enjoy!

  • Love this!! Happy New Year to y'all!!

  • Yay what a great year for you! Not sure how you're going to top it though… I'm still jealous you got to meet Floyd

  • What a great year! Cheers to 2014!!

  • You had an incredible year! I am sure 2014 will bring even more fun

  • I am just catching back up on blogs since I slacked off quite a bit at the end of the year! But, it is my resolution to blog more frequently and read blogs more regularly! Sounds like you had a wonderful year!!! I'm sure 2014 is going to be even more exciting for the 2 of you as you prepare for the wedding!!! Congrats πŸ™‚

  • I am soooo behind on blog reading/commenting – but what a year! So cool all the travels & work things you did, and so brave & strong of you to smile through the upheaval of a move/deployment. Best wishes for many more good things in 2014!