Because I am neurotic organized when it comes to getting our Christmas cards together each year, I always have them finished sometime around Halloween. That gives me ample time to have them delivered and address them so that they can go out by Black Friday. Well, this year I broke my own rules. The cards were finished and ordered by Halloween, but my addressing and stamping happened much quicker than usual and I was stuck staring at addressed and stamped cards on my dining room table for what seemed like eternity.

I couldn’t take it anymore and mailed them the Friday before Thanksgiving. So, sue me. The majority of the cards went to friends & family we don’t get to see for either holiday, so why wouldn’t we want to send a little extra cheer?

Without further ado, our 2014 card 🙂

Merry Everything to all our friends & family who read this blog 🙂

November 27, 2014
December 5, 2014


  • SO sweet! Love your christmas card 🙂

  • LOVE! 🙂

  • Love the selfie reference! Too cute 🙂

  • Jen

    I love your card! 🙂

  • It looks great! We might be a little behind with ours, now I have to get them done.

  • LOVE your card! So cute!!

  • SO cute!!!

  • Love those! Every year I say I'm going to be on top of things and order our cards early and every year I fail 🙁
    This year we slacked because we wanted to include a baby announcement type photo for those that don't have social media and don't check my blog (extended family) so that's why they are later. I'm still waiting for them to arrive in the mail so I can get them out ASAP!

  • these are so so pretty! love them 🙂

  • Jen

    This is amazing – love it!!

  • I got ours out the 1st of December! The first time ever that I have been early with them!! Haha. LOVE the back of the card! We had that option with ours but I could NOT decide on one picture to put so I left it blank. Love them!

  • Love this! You're way ahead of the game…I just ordered ours yesterday. It'll be a Christmas miracle if they go out before the 15th! Ours say Merry and Bright too! Great minds thing alike 🙂 Y'all look great!

  • So adorable!!! Christmas cards are one of the traditions I love sending and receiving every year! 🙂

  • SO pretty! I did the pretty foil on the bottom too. Mine are still sitting here ready to go though.. Stamps and everything…

  • Ah, yours turned out so great! Such a gorgeous photo. And I'm sure your family and friends are appreciative…this is my favorite time of year for getting mail, so why not start it early?!

  • Freaking adorable!!! That photo looks like a stock card photo, so darn gorgeous!

  • Jen

    Super cute!

  • Because you sent them out in such a timely fashion, your card has the prime spot on our Christmas card display, so there's another plus to being more on top of things than the rest of us! And the picture you chose is absolutely gorgeous!

  • So cute!

  • So cute!

  • Adorbs!! The first card after marriage is always the most exciting to send out!

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