Koko Head Crater Stairs

For anyone that lives or has lived in Hawaii, you know the arduous summit that is Koko Head Crater Stairs. It’s a hike made of 1,065 railroad tie “steps”. I use this term loosely, because in my mind, steps are plush and carpeted. These…not so much.

HIKING HAWAII-Koko Head Crater Steps

While strenuous, it’s one of my favorite hikes in all of Hawaii and is an absolute must-do if you’re here! Here are so snaps I took as proof if you’re hesitant 😉












January 7, 2015


  • We totally chickened out on this but you guys are rock stars.

  • I'm pretty sure when we go back to Hawaii, you guys need to be our tour guides and show us all these gems we didn't experience before 😉

  • Adding this to the list next time we're on Oahu!

  • Goodness gracious that's gorgeous!!!!

  • Jen

    Wow what a gorgeous place!!!

  • So so gorgeous!

  • That view of the bay is amazing! I've really been wanting to do this one, but I'm chicken. John took my brother and sister the day after Christmas, and I thought about joining, but it's definitely not something I'd want to take the girls to. Although, I was told there were children and even elderly people doing it..

  • Oh that view is gorgeous! My husband has been trying to get me to do this hike with him for forever but I'm too chicken. Although with that view I might have to let myself be convinced!

  • My students and I are studying landforms in our class for the next few weeks and they keep drawing pictures of what they think Hawaii is like. I need to just show them your blog. haha

  • Jen

    This is on my bucket list! Maybe in June. :p

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