Because it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I am a little bit obsessed biased with my own love story, I figured I would share it with you all today! Cheesy? I don’t care.

An oldy, but goody in the photo department!

Meet Dane.

He’s the main man around these parts and he’ll never admit it, but he loves this blog.

How we met is kind of a fairytale and sometimes I still don’t believe it worked out the way it did. Sometimes fate has a way of stepping into your life exactly when you need it most.We were introduced through a mutual friend who lives in our same hometown right before Dane shipped off to Army Ranger School. By “introduced” I mean, = our friend knew we would be a perfect match and gave Dane my phone number. He admits to this day he wasn’t even going to call me! Our first “date” was on the phone on New Years Eve. At the time, we were both living in different cities, so the phone was our only option!We talked for ONE day before he left to become a Ranger and oh yeah–he had no access to a cell phone, e-mail, or the internet.

I knew right away he was special…just something deep down told me…and so for the next 4 months we transported back to yester-year and wrote letters every. single. day. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write letters without getting immediate responses? God Bless you, Martha Washington. By month four I didn’t care if it was romantically sent by carrier pigeon and sealed with a smile, I was ready to return to the 21st century.
As luck would have it, Dane felt the same way. He graduated as a Senior-rated JumpMaster Army Ranger (see! I DO pay attention…), came home, and we picked up right where our letters left off. It was like we had known each other our whole lives. There’s a lot to be said for putting down the technology and doing things the old-fashioned way.
..and we lived happily ever after. For Real.
Dane proposed on January 3, 2013.You can read my story on our engagement here.
And you can read Dane’s side of the story here.


We got married on August 23, 2014 and you can find all the details on that day here.

Most people would argue that successful relationships flourish when two people can agree on most things and enjoy the same activities. While this is mostly true for Dane and I, he understands that I will never yearn to follow up a day of hiking with a great camp-out. And likewise, I get that taking 17 pictures until we get one that’s worthy of Instagram isn’t his idea of fun.
(For the record, he’s a really good sport and also knows that I can only ever be on the left side for fear of my lazy eye making an appearance.)

It’s not the life plan I had written out for myself…it’s so much better.
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

February 11, 2015


  • One of my favorite love stories in all the land. Love you two!

  • This is the sweetest! I love when people share their versions of their own love story 🙂

  • Aww, this is too sweet! I love hearing other people's love stories… I'm such a sap! 🙂

  • Goodness this is PRECIOUS!!!!!! What an adorable story!

  • Your comment about your lazy eye cracked me up- I feel you, girl. When I get tired, forget about it.

    I love reading love stories because I LOVE love, too! <3

  • I've been wondering about you guys met! What a sweet story!

  • Jen

    Such a sweet story!

  • I have to admit I laughed a little about your comment on not getting an immediate response to letters because it sounds so familiar. When Sully was out to sea, they delay emails and stuff so we'd be talking in circles because we'd email again before getting the response from the other person. The 6 weeks of no emails off the boat was particularly fun! Love your story. We got set up at a friends wedding (but tricked into adding each other on FB, so we FB chatted for a month before we met) and dated long distance until I moved to WA after college (without a ring too ha).

  • I love reading love stories!!

  • This is a great story! I love that you guys wrote letters to each other! And I admit I like to be on a certain side in pictures too.

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