Turtle Bay Resort | Oahu, Hawaii

Whenever we get visitors they always ask “Can we go to where Forgetting Sarah Marshall was filmed?”
Turtle Bay Resort Oahu Hawaii
It makes me laugh every single time, because Turtle Bay Resort looks nothing like it did in the movie in real life. I have to admit, before the recent renovations it was nothing to write home about. But now…it’s amazing. It has a completely open air lobby, a beautiful pool, several bars and a private beach. What more could you want?
Yes, that is a dog riding a surfboard!
Lucky for me, Turtle Bay is nearby and even when guests aren’t in town, I love going up to soak up some rays, enjoy a cold beverage at the bar or drink my morning coffee while watching the waves.
Have you been to Hawaii? Did you visit Turtle Bay?
UDPATE: We got to stay here! You can read all about our staycation here.



  • We were totally those people….

  • Jen

    Such a gorgeous place, I would be there all the time. 🙂

  • We stayed there after we got married. Such a beautiful place and their brunch buffet is BOMB! haha

  • Ah surfing dog spotting! Love those 🙂 I'm so jealous that you get to go to Turtle Bay whenever you want! It looks especially beautiful.
    Alyssa with an A

  • I've only driven through the parking lot once. John goes there to play golf occasionally.

  • Hmm, not jealous at all…!

  • Jen

    We've gone to the beach once to take pictures, D's gone swimming there but staying over night is on our bucket list! Maybe Labor Day weekend.

  • so so pretty!

  • Love it!! We used to stay here and at The Kahala resort when I was younger. I loved both of them. I would love to see this one all redone! It looks beautiful!

  • We did our honeymoon here. Loved it!