Coffee: Chiang Mai Style

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If there’s one thing Dane knows about me, it’s that no day can be started without coffee. Like, a “don’t even try to talk to me, because it will not go well” type of dependency. I suppose there are worse vices, but regardless, we always make it our mission to find the coolest coffee shops and bistros when we’re out and about.
While we were in Chiang Mai, Dane kept talking about this amazing coffee shop that WE NEEDED TO GO TO. He had such an urgency, but I could not, for the life of me, figure out why. The pictures say it all.
 Ristr8to is what I would consider a coffee bungalow nestled along the suburban streets of Chiang Mai between a bank and hotel. In fact, had they been closed, I probably would have walked right past it! It is a trendy expat and backpacker hangout, equipped with free wifi and delicious brews. We even capitalized on their cake batter waffles with maple and fruit dipping sauces.
Just looking at all these photos again has my mouth watering. I didn’t know it at the time, but our coffee was made by the 2011 World Latte Art Champion. The photos above don’t do the talent justice, but trust me when I say that the barista could have probably done a portrait of me in under 5 minutes. Such talent!
Now, who wants to go back with me?



  • Those waffles!!!

  • Jen

    Kyle is the same without coffee, I do not even attempt to have a conversation with him before he has had his first cup haha.

  • The waffles? Yum! I want.

    Love the designs in the coffee.

  • The coffee scene in SouthEast Asia has exploded in the past few years. A lot of places source their own beans and roast them themselves, to the point where I think the coffee is better here than it is back in NYC… And that's saying a lot…!!

  • Jen

    Those waffles look amazing

  • WOW….just WOW! Everything about this post…. The beauty of the coffee! Those WAFFLES!!! Aaaaagh! Love it all! 🙂