Traveling In & Around Phuket, Thailand

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Traveling In & Around Phuket Thailand
By now we’ve dipped our toes into a little bit of everything about our trip, except for Phuket! Admittedly, we weren’t as impressed with Phuket as other places of Thailand, but not because of anything the island did – it was all Mother Nature. We traveled to the pretty little village during monsoon season (thank you, Army block leave) and had to take a chance. I’m super happy we went, but heavy duty rainfall for 3 days is enough to make even the happiest tourist go a little bonkers.
Thankfully, we were staying at the most enchanting resort and spent most of our time relaxing, reading and during the 6 hours of non-raining time–exploring!
First up — our hotel. We stayed the the Naka Island Luxury Collection and it is everything you might imagine when reading that name. Private bungalows, ringing bells for butler service, a plunge pool right outside my door and more! I’ll let the pictures do the talking.
We ate A LOT in Phuket and for the couple hours the skies cleared, we got to adventure around!
I really wanted to catch a ride in a longtail boat (like you see in the photos!), but it just wasn’t in the cards for us on this trip. Major sad face!
Have you been to Phuket? Where did you stay? What was your favorite part?


  • Looks amazing!
    Oh and I love your romper. Xxoo

  • So utterly gorgeous!

    I've never been, but one day. Maybe.

  • Oh. My. I want to book a flight right now.

  • This resort looks AMAZING! Leave it to Army block leave to happen during a monsoon. 🙂 Hope we eventually make it to Thailand.

  • Jen

    Ahem, who wears short shorts? Missy wears short shorts. 😛 😛

  • Shame you got rained on the whole time!!! 🙁 I haven't been to Naka Island, but Phuket is pretty cool as long as you avoid Patong. Or if you're into that scene then it's a blast… HA