Our 2015 Christmas Card Shoot

So, it’s probably never a good idea when I go browsing on Pinterest for family Christmas card ideas. I always come back with some sort of “inspired” idea that must be done…right. this. minute. Dane doesn’t always love it, but he definitely always goes along with it….all while wearing a smile on his face. God bless him, he really is the best.
So when he came home after two weeks of being away for training and told him we were dressing up for a self-imposed rustic glam photoshoot, he was thrilled. Totally and completely elated. So then I added the icing on the cake that the dogs were coming too and that kind of just sent him over the “you spend too much time being ‘inspired'” edge.
But…off we went.
And this, my friends, is what you get from a Christmas tree farm in Hawaii after it has been raining for about 6 days straight with two wild dogs, red mud that stains clothes, a tripod and two dry-clean only outfits.
90% of our photos looked like this and while they are freaking hysterical, they aren’t worthy of a canvas above my couch.
Doesn’t get more merry than that, eh?


December 23, 2015


  • YESS! All of these are awesome, I would totally put one above my couch if I were you lol. Which one did you choose??

  • Oh thank God I'm not the only person that decided to try this. Trade your two pups for two wild boys and this is exactly what happened during our shoot too. Luckily our photographer is some kind of miracle worker and you can't tell that we were in a literal wrestling match the entire shoot from the final photos, haha.

  • You are so right about pinterest! And I love these…they look so fun!!

  • Cute! Love the "rustic"-ness of the trees (as rustic as you'll get in Hawaii). Great pictures!

  • Hahahah love this. The last one is above the couch worthy for sure 🙂

  • Hahaha love this!! That dress though…Gorg! Can those two chocolate fur babies get any cuter?!

  • I think this is the cutest ever! Bill and Judy are so pretty (sorry Bill but you are!) — and you guys are lovely as always. We tried this one year too and it was an epic fail. I think I was going thru a, "Yes, I have two kids and am 32 years old but I can still rock a ruffled mini-skirted cocktail dress in the middle of winter" phase. Spoiler alert, I did not rock the cocktail dress mini-skirt. It was unfortunate.

  • Jen

    I seriously love this haha! Your dress is amazing!

  • Great photos. I really like your dress!

  • Love the photos & that dress of yours too! Too dang cute 🙂 I'm glad the Mr can play along with what you wanna do 🙂

  • Love these! All four of you look stunning 🙂

  • Jen

    Lmao! Danes face in some of these, "these dang dogs!" ?

  • LOVE the back story behind these photos. This totally would have sent my husband over the "inspired" edge too! But that's why we're married to good guy who put up with us. 😉 Super cute pics!! Love your dress!

  • Freaking adorable. And love your dress!

  • Hahaha, oh, Pinterest. I love that you two can have fun like this, and also looove your outfits. That last photo is a keeper for sure!

  • Ahh I love it! I love how classy you both look! Beautiful little fam bam!

  • Jen

    These all turned our really good! I would love to get a picture of us with our 3 dogs, but it usually takes both of us to get them all to look at the camera. Someday I'm going to hire a professional and hope everyone behaves. And I'm pretty sure my husband has the same feelings about Pinterest. If he could find a way to delete my account he would…too many ideas! Ha!

  • They turned out great! Dane is seriously such a good sport about these things. I'd probably get 3 photos out of John before having him call it quits. I need to dig out my tripod!

  • I love all of these so so much. Particularly Judy's sass.

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