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I have a fun fact for everyone reading: I am a psychopath when it comes to being clean. I want my body clean, my house clean and my dogs clean. So, it really shouldn’t shock you to know that I have a checklist I follow each week when it comes to organizing and managing the cleanliness of my house.
BUT! When it comes to getting ready for a move — all bets are off. There are boxes and bags and piles strewn across the house. I think I would give the producers at Hoarders something to gawk about. With a move coming up this summer, I’ve already started the process of cleaning out closets and boxes of things we just don’t need or use; however, with this task comes the unexpected pleasure of finding dirt and kicking up dust in places you just don’t want it.
In an effort to help other families who might be spring cleaning or getting ready for a move, I’ve put together a handy checklist to ease all your cleaning woes — and help keep you organized in the process!
Now, this isn’t just your average cleaning list — we all know how to
mop a floor and clean a countertop. These are items that you might not think
about, but make a big difference in the long run. Before you get
started, pick up Finish Jet-Dry Drying Agent, Lysol All Purpose Cleaner, Air Wick Scented Oil Plug-Ins and Lysol Disinfecting Spray.
Ready to conquer your house?
First things first, open up every closet and cupboard and throw away anything that hasn’t been used in a year. You aren’t going to wear that top you bought on clearance if you haven’t already and no one is going to eat that box of granola bars. Purging is a great start, because it gets rid of excess right off the bat, plus you can try to sell anything that’s still in good shape!
When you’re done doing that, take a serious look at your living room and bedroom. Pack pillows and comforters in garbage bags–these  can be used as padding in boxes or around the moving truck–and use two fitted sheets on either side of your mattress to keep it clean during the move. After wiping down all your electronics, take some extra time to label cords. This will save you a major headache in the future! 
Next, let’s focus on the kitchen. Be sure to scrub the oven, microwave and refrigerator inside and out using Lysol All Purpose Cleaner. Remove shelves and get into every crack! Commonly skipped when cleaning the kitchen: exhaust fans and dishwashers. Clean and wipe down your exhaust fan and make sure your dishwasher has been rinsed out and is void of any leftover food particles.
Pro Tip: Give your dishes a thorough last minute wash and use a drying agent like Finish Jet-Dry before packing them away.
Now, let’s tackle those bathrooms. If you’re anything like me, cleaning bathrooms is the worst possible chore. Thankfully, Lysol makes tasks like cleaning tile grout, toilets and soap scum a breeze. Commonly skipped when cleaning the bathroom: drawers and the base of the toilet. Be sure to wipe out drawers and remove any random bobby pins or hair ties and really reach to get behind the toilet. We once had a landlord look specifically in that area while doing a final walk through! Also, if you have females in your home, check those drains for nasty hair build-ups! Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.
Pro Tip: Make sure your shower curtains have been washed and dried completely before packing them away. Soap scum and bacteria are a breeding ground for mildew!
Finally, take a serious look at your closets and cupboards in all rooms. Make sure nothing is tucked behind corners, liners are removed and rogue hangers are packed or thrown out. I like to spray Lysol disinfectant in every cabinet and closet that I finish just to disinfect any lingering germs (it kills 99.9% of them!) and when I’m done, I leave that cabinet/closet door wide open. It’s an easy way to tell what has been finished and what still needs tackled. Also, wipe down the top of every door. You’d be shocked (and disgusted) by how much dirt and dust collects up there! While you’re cleaning and organizing, be sure to plug in Air Wick Scented Oils (I like cinnamon to combat dog smell!) around your house. 
If you are trying to sell or rent to new tenants or owners, it’s a nice touch…plus, you get to enjoy it as well 🙂 Not to mention it masks any “cleaning product scent” you might have been using in the midst of your madness. I personally use these all the time, because I’m paranoid that someone will come into my home and think it smells like animals!
What are your tried and true ways to keep your house clean and your sanity in tact while preparing for a move? Not moving, but have a cleaning tip? I’d love to hear it!
April 21, 2016


  • Jen

    I am all about cleaning! However, since I have been pregnant my motivation has been less than stellar. That will change this week lol. I always clean before we go on vacation.

  • YES! We're moving next month, so this is perfect!

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