10 Must-Try Recipes For Your Vitamix

If you ever come to my house, it’s almost a guarantee that I’m going to offer you some kind of food. Another guarantee is that said food was probably made in my Vitamix. I’m not going to lie, getting this amazing machine was one of the smartest things Dane and I ever did. It challenges us to eat more healthy, fresh foods and less shit from a bag. #realtalk
10 Must-Try Recipes For Your Vitamix
These are my ten favorite Vitamix recipes and the ones that I make weekly, but there are so many others out there! Seriously, this machine could turn my right leg into a pureed soup — it DOES NOT mess around. This is also probably a great time to say that Vitamix does not pay or endorse me to sing their praises, I just love quality products that do what they say they’re going to do — and Vitamix is one of them!
Now, on to the recipes.

10 Must-Try Recipes For Your Vitamix

1. Hummus. I could eat my weight in hummus and carrots or hummus and cucumbers. Making it in my Vitamix is such a breeze that I don’t even feel bad about how much I consume. 1 can of garbanzo beans, 1 tsp. cumin, 1 generous squirt of lemon juice and 2 cloves of garlic. Throw that baby on 1 and watch the magic happen.
2. Carrot and Papaya Smoothie. This is my breakfast of champions. 1/2 a papaya, handful of baby carrots, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt and a handful of ice. Choose the smoothie setting and GO!
3. Gluten Free Flours. Coconut and Almond flours, if you’ve never purchased them, will cost you about a million dollars and your next unborn baby. Thankfully, I’ve started saving money by making my own! A little bit of legwork has saved us a ton of money. I love this recipe for almond flour from Simply Whole Foods.
4. Peanut Butter. Okay so now that you know I like to save money when it comes to food, you won’t be shocked to know I make my own peanut butter. 3 cups of unsalted peanuts will get you an amazing homemade peanut butter. I make this several times a week, because I can usually inhale a full cup on my own. #realtalk
5. Powdered Sugar. Also known as confectioner’s sugar and also known as $1.99 that I no longer spend at the grocery store for baking. I throw my granulated sugar in my Vitamix, turn it up gradually and watch as powdered sugar appears in my canister.
6. Chicken Burgers. I’m a huge fan of the chicken burger, but good luck finding organic ground chicken on this island. Thankfully, I can just throw a raw chicken breast in my Vitamix and watch the blades go to town making my own!
7. Cauliflower Rice. Never again will I spend hours chunking up cauliflower toΒ  shove into my food processor — that takes a lot of time that I honestly don’t have. I take the stems off and throw the whole head into my canister and WHAM BAM, THANK YOU MA’M — cauliflower rice. This is also a great time to mention that this rice can be made into pizza crust with enough work!
8. Banana Breakfast Muffins. These are so good I could probably eat the whole tray given the opportunity. 1 banana, 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1 egg, 1/4 teaspoon baking powder, 1 tbsp. agave and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract all thrown into the Vitamix on low, medium, then high and portioned into muffin tins makes the best breakfast ever! Cook your muffins for 8 minutes at 375.
9. Iced Coffee. Brew a pot of coffee the night before and instead of having a hot cup this summer — enjoy it “on the rocks”. I take 1 cup cold coffee, splash of milk/creamer/coconut milk/whatever I have and half a cup of ice and blend it on the smoothie setting. It’s a refreshing treat to liven up my mornings!
10. Pie Crust. Cutting cold butter into anything is the bane of my existence. Seriously — I cannot stand it. So knowing I’m able to just throw all the ingredients in and have what I want in 3 minutes (as opposed to God know however long it would take me otherwise) is the best. I feel the same way about making pizza crust!
And I would be remiss in not mentioning my favorite part of this whole thing and that’s the way I clean it. I fill the canister with warm water, a drop of soap and then turn that puppy up as high as it goes. The damn thing washes itself! What could be better? A simple rinse at the end and you’re ready to go for your next recipe!
Do you have a Vitamix? What’s your favorite thing to make in it?
May 10, 2016


  • I have wanted a Vitamix, well, forever. One of these days I am just going to buy myself one so I can try all of these recipes.

  • I don't have a vitamix, but we've been making smoothies non-stop! I may have made my favorite one this morning!!

  • I didn't know that these were possible! The powdered sugar one… so awesome. I make hummus but the rest, all news to me. I have a Blendtec but I am sure it will all work!

  • I'm totally going to play around with hummus recipes now! What a great idea! Thanks πŸ™‚


  • Oh I think my boyfriend would love this! Plus these recipes actually sound good! Great post

  • These look so good! I have to try them out
    Miss Olivia Says

  • Oooooh, definitely taking out my vitamix after seeing this! Thanks for posting!
    Carlen | http://www.RealMomsWingingIt.com

  • My fave things are listed here…I think it's time for me to get a Vitamix to enjoy all this πŸ™‚

  • Oh those breakfast muffins sound amazing! Just might have to ask for a vitamix!

  • I don't have one, but I'd like one!

  • Okay, first: I love your blogging voice. You're hilarious. Can we please be blog BFFs? Second: these are AMAZING. I never would've thought of making powdered sugar in a blender. Or pie crust. You, girl, are a genius.


  • These all look so good. I also love to make nut butters and hummus. πŸ™‚

  • And I have just been making smoothies! Can't wait to try the peanut butter!

  • Powdered sugar and peanut butter!?!? You're a genius, I would have never thought of those. I need to get a Vitamix one of these days.

  • omg yes. Even though a lot of these I use our food processor instead. I just find the vitamix so hard to clean! :/

  • I need to try a vitamix. I thought it was mainly used for smoothies and my kids won't drink them. πŸ™ Maybe if I try some other recipes.

  • I love doing smoothies in my vitamix, it's the best. I finally used it to make cauliflower rice a few weeks ago, genius! Have you tried ice cream or soup in it?

  • Our favorite is Thai pumpkin soup!

  • Love these quick and easy recipes for stuff. And all in a blender too. I use Tahini paste in my hummus. Love it.

  • These all look absolutely amazing! I love blender recipes, but I have a blendtec.

  • wow you seriously have me wanting to run out and buy one of these. The recipes you share are ones that I have recently incorporated into my new 'healthier' lifestyle and it would help. And the flour . . .really? You are right – it costs SOOOOOO much! πŸ˜‰

  • I love this post. I may need to copy you and post some of my fav recipes! such a good idea. I can't wait to make the breakfast muffins for Cam – they sound so good!

  • I think I need a Vitamix! I had no idea you could make so much with it! So awesome!

  • These are awesome ideas! I would never have thought to make my own peanut butter in the blender! genius!

  • Our Vitamix is one of the best kitchen purchases ever. We went through 3 before we finally decided to invest. So worth it.

  • Oooo loving these recipes!!!! I keep hearing how yummy cauliflower rice is. I'm going to have to give it a try!

  • I didn't know that I could make so many things such as hummus and chicken burgers in the vitamix I have to check into one of them for our home!

  • I would love a vitamix! I make a ton of smoothies and sauces in my current blender. I am just waiting for it to die, and then I can get one πŸ™‚

  • A vitamix is on my hubby's "wish list". We are just waiting for the blender we have to kick the bucket and then we are switching. I have to admit.. I never think to use my blender for things other than soup or smoothies. Hummus sounds delicious!

  • You had me gluten free flour and peanut butter! We have an older blender and I'd love a Vitamix!

  • We don't have a Vitamix but I might have to try out some of these recipes in our Nutribullet. The smoothie recipe sounds pretty good!

  • Charlisa

    I just received my Vitamin two weeks ago and it lives on my counter so that it gets used! To the ladies who have wanted one forever, but the price was a budget killer, go the QVC online or watch for their Vitamin presentation. I waited for over a year to get one and when I finally ordered it through QVC it was only $399.00 and came with the dry and wet container and cookbooks. The deal was made even better because cause they offered it for 6 easy payments of only $66.00! If you see an offer like this, go for it! It is the best one I have seen!
    As far as using my new toy, I have made Cauliflower Soup, Almond Milk, smoothies and grated cheese. My next project will be pizza dough! And almond flour/meal/butter! I love this thing! If you have always wanted one, just go get one! You will not be sorry!

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  • Cory

    I LOVE my Vitamix- other recipes to try are cheesecake the crust & filling can all be blended in the canister.. Also citrus curds come together quick and easy. No double boiler needed. Great for lemon/lime shortbread bars.
    Soups! I made a vegetarian tortilla soup with bits of this/that I needed to use up in the fridge. A few vine ripened tomatoes, a small onion, bell pepper, celery, carrots, add some black beans and frozen corn.. I even added a touch of leftover cabbage and leftover salsa.. Topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream, black olives.. cauliflower alfredo sauce.. Yum!