Making Fitness Fun

I don’t know about you, but the same old anything day in and day out gets BORING to me. Food, workouts, anything…! The more repetitive it is, the more tiresome I find it after awhile. Anyone else?
Capris | Tank, c/o Lucy Activewear

This is especially true for me with workouts. Last weekend, Dane and I challenged ourselves to really step outside our comfort zones and take our workout to the streets. The streets of Honolulu, that is.
Here on Oahu we are very, very lucky to be surrounded by lots of creative talent. In one particular neighborhood, street murals line the walls of buildings brightening up the horizon and generally, making you smile, think, or both!
Dane had been wanting to check out a new coffee shop downtown, I wanted to try out my new Lucy workout gear and we both wanted to see the new murals around town. So, we mapped out a running route and some exercises to do at each mural we came across. 
Our goal was to run a full 2 mile loop downtown, rotating inverted push-ups and crunches at every other wall….and it worked well! I was really nervous about putting my push-up skills to the test on hard concrete, but thankfully it all worked out. It was BLAZING hot, but we pushed ourselves to finish and..there was a delicious coffee at the end!
It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning! And, the verdict on the Lucy apparel is…WINNING! We were working out in 91 degree heat, so I was concerned about two things: sweat wicking ability and chub rub. I was testing out the Studio Hatha Capris and the Workout Racerback
I had previously worn my tank to the gym, but my gym is air conditioned, so I sometimes feel like my sweating never peaks, and I really wanted to see how both stood up against Hawaiian heat. The answer is: fabulously. It wicked enough sweat that it wasn’t sticking to me in an unflattering way post-run (I had coffee to get & I couldn’t be looking like a drowned sweat rat) and the crops didn’t even feel like I had broken a sweat. And let me be perfectly clear — I HAD! 
One thing I noticed right away about the crops is that they didn’t ride down when I moved. Does anyone else have the issue of finding a pair of fitness pants they love, except the moment you actually try to workout in them, you’re constantly pulling them up? I have and it’s no picnic. My Hatha Capris stayed in place during my entire workout!

 Our workout ended up being running .3 miles, stopping to do inverted puhs-ups, running .3 more miles, stopping to do crunches, rinse, wash, repeat. It was a great way to get our day started and stopping to do exercises, admire the murals and snap photos definitely kept things interesting!
What is your favorite way to mix up your workouts?


  • Jen

    How fun is this?! I love it.

  • Way to change things up and taking it to the streets 😉 Kaka'ako is the perfect and I've gone to ARVO, but only had their cold brew. Definitely need to go back and try their toast! It looks so amazing!

  • Well how fun are you guys??

  • Great murals!

    I try to make working out fun. But most of the time I'm wishing it were over so I can breathe normally again.

  • ooh, love Kakaako's murals. It's also fun to watch them redesign them from time to time

  • That sounds really fun!! And props to your husband for running with you! (Or maybe you're just fast enough to keep up, in which case props to you!) Mine will only work out with me occasionally because he "can't get a real workout in" with me… ugh. Men.

  • These pictures are SO great!! And you are lookin fab my friend. That coffee picture may have stopped my heart….love!!

  • Clearly, I need to explore more! I've seen some murals, but not these fabulous ones!

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