The Last 10 Photos On My Phone

I’ve seen this prompt before and it is always so intriguing to me. I am nosy by nature so whenever I get a chance to see inside someone’s bedroom/purse/refrigerator/back pocket, you can bet your ass I’m there. 
Without further ado, the last 10 photos on my iPhone. Are you ready for some random?
Some of the best walks Judy gets are on Saturday mornings when she can run freely on a beach that’s not too far from our house. There aren’t usually any people  there and she can just let herself go wild. Bill doesn’t usually go on these trips, because it’s a short stretch of beach right near a highway and it makes me nervous.
The look of a dog who was not ready to leave the beach!
Ever since I’ve gotten a fitness tracker, I love having competitions with myself. Dane and I had gone out to the beach to do a run and we got in 3 miles before it start down pouring!
When I first got a Vitamix, I would only prepare smoothies that I knew I would love. I wasn’t too adventurous, but now, I just throw random things in there and hope for the best. This particular day was carrot, mango, papaya and lemon!
One of the coolest parts about hiking in Hawaii is finding neat little spots like that to snap a quick pic. My friend Marissa snapped this of me while we were hiking last weekend. 
Dane came home the other day with a bounty of flowers and these beautiful tulips were among them! I love the colors in them so much
Whenever I walk into Starbucks I am immediately drawn to this pineapple tumbler. It’s so stinking cute! If I wasn’t a slave to my Hydroflask, I would definitely consider it for summer. 
I think I’ve finally gotten cooking tofu down. It took a little bit of trial and error, but this recipe for crispy baked garlic tofu hit the spot!
Dane hiked the Na Paali Coast on Kauai with his dad and brother last week and I was anxious to see some snaps from their adventure! I didn’t go, mostly because my fitness is not at a level where I could withstand such a hike, but I loved getting to see all the colorful pictures from their time together. This sunset is so gorgeous and peaceful looking πŸ™‚
These zucchini and sweet potato fritters are my idea of a good time. No, really. I know what it looks like here and you can judge freely — they look gross! But, the crispy outside and moist inside make these SO GOOD, plus they’re packed with flavor. I made a garlic lemon dipping sauce and whoa baby!
Now that I’ve shared an insight into what’s on my phone — what would I find on yours?


  • Jen

    It really is amazing how much of a difference having some sort of fitness tracker makes! πŸ™‚

  • You should do a post about your Garmin! I can't decide if I should invest in one of those or an Apple Watch. The more opinions, the better, and I know you won't hold back on the truth about it!

  • I actually did the exact same post yesterday lol. Your photos are much cooler though! I've been wanting a SB tumbler but can't bring myself to spend the $ lol.

  • Equally nosy, I love this post idea! I want to copy it, but I'm always taking about 10 pictures of the same thing (my kid doesn't sit still, so they all turn out blurry) and thus mine has potential to be boring πŸ˜‰ Not surprised to see beach, dogs, and cooking on yours – fun! Love the tulip too.

  • Your pictures are awesome! I just looked at mine and it's 9 photos of flowers I saw on a walk yesterday and one of our chickens hahaha!

  • That backseat dog picture is hilarious! So sad and so messy! Lol