Walking The Curves: Running, Life & Beyond

Very early on when I started running, I heard the same thing from almost everyone I talked to: it’s okay to stop and walk as long as you start back up running again. When I first started, I was using an outdoor track, so I would run the straightaways and walk the curves. Let me be perfectly clear: The curves were my favorite part. It gave me time to catch my breathe and mentally prepare for the next part of my running. I’ve come a long way in my fitness, but while I was working out last week, I was thinking back on the very beginning.
I would often text Sarah and say…I just can’t do it. Running isn’t for me. I need to do something else. She never wavered in her support of me. She would always make sure I knew that you don’t just start out running marathons. It’s okay to get frustrated and it’s okay to take breaks. And most importantly — it’s even okay to yell and scream and throw a fit. BUT! To pick yourself back up and keep going.  Oh and…always make sure you reward yourself. That’s my favorite piece of advice 😉
I love having this type of support in a friend and I’ve never forgotten what she told me. In fact, I take that advice with me for things other than fitness.
I would say that right now, I’ve been walking a curve of life. For so long, Dane and I were go – go – go. Vacations, events, to-do lists a mile long….you see where this is going. It went on for nearly 6 months and damn – that straightaway of running was exhausting. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but we just felt very busy. For the past month or so, we’ve been “walking the curve”. We’ve done plenty — movie dates in amazing recliner chairs, morning runs on the beach, long walks with the dogs, getting our favorite Thai food — but nothing that would really be important to anyone but us. Life has been quite still. And for someone like myself who appreciates having much to look forward to, it’s easy to be bored with a slow season of life like this one.
But the more I’ve had time to let this slowness marinate — I’m perfectly content with what it has brought. Time to reflect, relax and just enjoy all the simple moments. I was re-reading Erica’s post on when life is quiet (it’s very good — I recommend everyone clicking over!) and it really hit home with me.
As we prepare for another long straightaway of fast-paced living starting this week with me leaving for Phoenix and then going pretty much non-stop until well after Labor Day, I’m savoring the last bit of this curve and challenge anyone reading to do the same. Sometimes a quiet, slow season of life is charming…and just what you didn’t know you needed!

June 22, 2016


  • Jen

    Yes!!! Like we talked about on twitter running is such a mental sport. People don't realize how easy it can be to get in your own head. You are doing so great!

  • this is SO beautiful Kait. I love this. We are allowed to stop or walk and think about what we're doing. so well said!

  • Love this and it's oh so true! I'm still such a beginner with running and have slowly gotten back into it with hubs. I walk and I definitely need it. But once we're done with running, I still feel amazing afterwards. Keep it up!

  • You have come so far in your running, I am so proud of you!!!

  • You are such a great writer!! I feel like the curves are sometimes the best because they let us relax! xo, biana –BlovedBoston

  • Great post! And I say enjoy the curves while they last. And funny off topic story, I ran high school track. Well run is kind of a lie, I did pole vaulting. But they told the pole vaulter that we only had to run the straightaways…. it was amazing! LOL

  • Love love love this. Such a fabulous, well-written spin on the idea of enjoying the quiet seasons. SO DANG EXCITED FOR YOU that you're headed to Phoenix tomorrow!! Can't wait to follow along on Snap!! and thanks for linking up to my post! I got some traffic from it, so thanks! <3 <3

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