Citrus Berry Crush Mocktail

Raise your hand if you like fruity drinks with a side of refreshing and delicious…
fruit cocktail mocktail
Copper Mug
…if you’re not raising your hand, this might be where we part ways for today, but I really hope you’ll stick around!
I love mixing up new cocktails in the kitchen, especially when I can really get creative with ingredients. For this drink, I used muddled raspberries, strawberries and blueberries, Lemon La Croix and fresh lime poured over crushed ice. Can you tell I’m on a La Croix bender? Something about that fizzy nectar just speaks to me!
citrus berry mocktail cocktail
I love this recipe for a couple reasons:
1. It’s incredibly refreshing. I mean, the crushed ice is fantastic, but the fruit and fizz just add that extra pizzazz!
2. You can add alcohol. Making it with the addition of KōHana Hawaiian Rum is equally delicious. I love this particular rum, because it’s made locally and distilled in small batches for premium taste.
refreshing summer mocktail cocktail
You Will Need:
4 tablespoons fruit puree (I combined strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, but feel free to use other fruit you love!)
1 can Lemon La Croix (I think lime would be equally delish!)
1 fresh lime wedge
crushed ice
1. Muddle the fruit in the bottom of a glass tumbler or copper mug. My copper mugs stay in the freezer so they’re at-the-ready for drinks 🙂
2. Add in crushed ice.
3. Pour La Croix over ice and stir well.
4. Squeeze fresh lime on top and enjoy!
July 11, 2016


  • Jen

    This sounds amazing and will definitely be made in my house!

  • Your food photography has been amazing recently! I mean the drink looks great on its own, but I love the photos!

  • LOVE La Croix drinks, if we weren't moving so soon, I'd be trying this one out!

  • I live in Hawaii too & know onefinea, – I'd love to follow you! This drink looks amazing! Definitely will make! It's always nice to make our days special! (

  • Yum! Sounds so refreshing!

  • Totally making this with all the berries we have in this house right now!!