5 Destinations On My Bucket List

Every so often, I think about what my life and travels would look like if money were no object. It’s a dangerous game, let me tell you, because one minute I’m daydreaming and the next thing I know I’m plugging numbers into my travel spreadsheet seeing how far from reality my latest dream is and if maybe we could make it work.
So, today I’m going to dish on all the places I’m dreaming about lately. Now, I’ll be totally honest, as soon as I can — I’ll be going to these destinations. Life is way too short NOT to travel well and often, but the when is still up for debate! Now, let’s get going…
1. South Africa. Any place with penguins on a beach — sign me the hell up! Aside from that, the rich cultural history, food, shopping and promise of safaris has me itching to book a flight.
 2. Bali. We have talked to so many people who have gone to Bali and RAVE about it. Personally, the waterfalls alone draw me in, but I also want to check out the temples, hanging gardens and spas. Not to mention all the lush tropical scenery! There’s also a pink beach in Indonesia that I would love to photograph!
3. Roadtrip Across America. I’m absolutely not kidding when I say I want to rent a huge RV and drive from one coast to the other. This is partially in part because I want to pack the dogs with us and Bill Hanson would absolutely lose his marbles for that length of time in a car. Spots I want to be sure and stop at? Mount Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Zion/Bryce Canyon and the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. 
4. Greece. Okay who here has seen the amazing photos of the white buildings in Santorini or the crystal blue waters off the coast? Okay yep, I WANT THAT IN MY LIFE! My best friend and roommate in college is Greek and listening to her talk about the amazing food just makes my mouth water. I think the real question is…who wouldn’t want to go?
5. Tahiti. I’ll be honest, this is where we were going to go on our honeymoon until we saw the pricetag and realized we could buy a house. We didn’t want to shell out that much money right away for a trip, but now that we’ve had time to let the thought marinate, we’re going to have to pull the trigger at some point. And honestly…over the water huts — YES PLEASE!

I’m now realizing that I shouldn’t have limited this list to five, because I’m already thinking that I also want to go to Amsterdam, New Zealand, Belgium, China and more. But enough about me, what’s on your bucket list? Where are you going next?
August 23, 2016


  • Ooh, yes to Greece. Anything on the Mediterranean shore, really. And penguins on a beach really does combine two of the best things ever. I have crossed Italy and Turks & Caicos off my list… and now to cross of Paris soon!

  • New Zealand, Spain, and Croatia…and Fiji and…

  • Yes to all of these!!

  • Tahiti is a must! We went for 10 days and it was amazing, words cannot describe. But yes, the price tag was insane. Bali and Greece are on our list as well, and I can cross the road trip off…twice. LOL

  • Greece and the American road trip are on my bucket list as well! India is up there too. 🙂 I'm planning a trip for this summer and I'll definitely be pulling from my bucket list for destinations!

    xo, Amanda

  • Jen

    Greece is definitely on my list of places we want to visit!

  • You have me thinking about all the places I want to go now! Nice picks!

  • My sister and BIL went to Bora Bora three years ago because they figured that if they didn't do it before they had kids that they would NEVER justify spending the money, so they bit the bullet and did it! It cost then RIGHT under $10k for seven days and six nights. This included every single penny from the time they left Fort Riley, Kansas until the time they got home. I can't imagine spending that much on a vacay, BUT I know that they don't regret it for a single second!

  • I am right there with you on Greece! My brother lives in Amsterdam, and I hope to be able to visit sometime!

  • I'd LOVE to go to Greece one day. I guess we shall see!