In-N-Out Burger Secret Menu

Before we left for Los Angeles, Dane told me that the only concrete thing he wanted to do was go to In-N-Out Burger. I didn’t object one bit — it’s one of those “When in Rome” type of scenarios and since neither of us had ever been, we wanted to make the most of it! It turns out, we didn’t get a chance to go until right before our flight, which meant 4 full days of dreaming up our order. It turns out, the delayed indulgence bought us a little bit of insight in the form of the In-N-Out Secret Menu. We were sitting at brunch in DTLA discussing our plans when our waitress said “YOU HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT THE SECRET IN-N-OUT BURGER MENU!”
in n out burger los angeles
Full disclosure: It was my first time eating meat in two months! I couldn’t believe it had been that long and I definitely felt the body shock afterward. But! It was quite good.
We were both kind of like…In-N-Out Secret Menu? What are you talking about? Does In-N-Out not post their menu like a normal burger joint? I had all sorts of questions…clearly!
She proceeded to tell us all about the different types of combinations we could order. I was most intrigued about the multiple different fry options, because I’m a sucker for a solid french fry-based meal and Dane was AMPED to find out he could stack his beef patties 3x if he wanted.
In-N-Out Burger Secret Menu: An insider's peek at two secret menu infographics and our first experience with In-N-Out Burger!
In our rush to get to In-N-Out our meal was pretty small in comparison to what I think Dane had been dreaming up for days, LOL!
in n out burger los angeles secret menu
We ended up ordering a Double Double and regular cheeseburger protein style (no bun), but it came with a bun — lame! We also ordered our fries “animal style” and a Neapolitan milkshake – layers of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
It seems like we ordered fairly simple things in comparison to some of the other options I’ve seen. This infographic from Serious Eats gives you a play-by-play of the options. It’s a language all its own — believe me — so I recommend going in prepared!
in n out burger los angeles secret menu serious eats
Are you a fan of In-N-Out? What do you order?



  • Jen

    Oh my west coast raised self is so jealous haha! I lived on In n Out for a long time. Now the closest one to us is 5 hours away boo!

  • I ate there for the first time this summer! I kept it pretty simple just because there were so many options, but I honestly thought I'd like it more. I mean, I guess it I had grown up eating it, I would feel a certain level of nostalgia without it. And I DO think when it comes to a true fast food, drive-thru burger, it was great. But I've had so many people tell me they would choose it over Five Guys, but I think Five Guys is MUCH better.

    TL;DR It was good, but I think I expected more.

  • The first (and only) time I got it Tim recommended I get an animal style cheeseburger- SO GOOD! The secret menu is so extensive!

  • YOUR FIRST TIME GOING!!!!!!! Growing up on the west coast, in-n-out was like an everyday thing. I remember when the secret menu was like an actual secret, as in, people just created whatever. When we were on our road trip was ate there every time we saw one, which in Cali was a lot, like three times in one day. But we knew we wouldn't have it for awhile. No regrets!

  • Gaahhhhh I miss In-N-Out SO much! We lived about 90 minutes from one when we were stationed at Fort Huachuca a couple years ago, and it was always the most fun treat to run in there for a good, fatty burger and fries there in Tucson when we'd run up there for a day trip. I normally don't eat much fast food, so in reality I probably wouldn't eat there that often if we had one close by, but you ALWAYS want what you can't have. 😐

  • That was our first stop! Animal style all the way 🙂

  • Whoa that does look complicated! But delicious!!

  • We may have walked a mile from the LA airport once during a long-ish layover with all of our luggage from a 6 week trip for burgers once… hahaha! Animal style for life.

  • I always just order off their regular menu. The secret menu doesn't have anything I'm overly excited about…although I didn't know about the Neapolitan shake. I might have to try that next time I'm near an In N Out.

  • I've never had it, but it looks SO GOOD! And I am now so hungry!