Your Dog & Rawhide + A Giveaway!

If you’ve been around this blog for any length of time, you are aware that I’m a little bit of a crazy dog lady. Okay, that’s a lie, I’m a full-fledged dog loving psychopath. 
I love my dogs like children, so I like to make sure that what I’m giving them is healthy, not harmful. 
 One product that I’ve always been wary of is rawhide chews. You know what I’m talking about — the all white dog chews you see on almost every shelf in the pet section. Rawhide
is the inner hide from a cow or other animal that has undergone
chemical processing to remove hair and other materials. The rawhide is
then ground or used whole, and is formed into various dog chews shapes. Veterinarians nationwide have spoken out about the potential health risks of rawhide chews, including: stomach & intestinal blockage and potential ingestion of toxic chemicals used to process the rawhide. When I discovered SmartBones® at BlogPaws, I was definitely intrigued, so I took home a sample for Bill to enjoy. 

(No special treats for Judy — sorry sweet girl!).
The verdict? HE LOVED THEM!
 My sweet angel pup is a chewer, so I was worried they wouldn’t keep him occupied and they actually did. He didn’t inhale them like normal treats and I felt confident in feeding them to him. Why? SmartBones® chews are completely rawhide-free, highly digestible, and are available in a variety of
recipes, including Chicken, Peanut Butter, Sweet
Potato, and Dental. When we found out we would be traveling to visit my parents for an extended stay, I wanted to be sure to introduce these tasty treats to their chew-happy pup, Millie.
Millie loves to chew (and snack), so I was hoping she would love SmartBones®. I won’t lie, she was a little apprehensive at first. Decapitating stuffed animals is more her speed. But! After a little coaxing, she snatched a bone from me and carried it off to investigate for herself.

It’s safe to say Millie has joined #TeamSmartBones, too! A safer approach to rawhide has never tasted so good 😉

If your dog would be interested in testing out some SmartBones®, leave a comment telling me about your furry friend 🙂 PetMatrix has offered one lucky reader a $25 Visa gift card as well as a SmartBones® gift pack.
Special thanks to SmartBones® by PetMatrix for sponsoring this post & giveaway!
August 12, 2016