Whew! This weekend seemed to just fly by – one minute it was Friday and the next minute here we are, waking up to a new week and tomorrow — A NEW MONTH! Holy moly. In any case – HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’ve never been a huge Halloween kind of gal. I love a good costume, but I get scared way too easily for anything remotely creepy, gory or ghoulish. See also: if Kelsey and I lived in the same neighborhood, I would not be going to her house. 
This weekend we celebrated our friend’s 40th birthday party with a seaside all white party. It was equal parts gorgeous and heartwarming to see the love and effort her kids poured into making the event the most beautiful evening and celebration. There was food, cake, music, twinkling lights and homemade margaritas with sparkly pineapple stirrers. What more could you want? 
Sunday it was rainy, so we spent a lot of time lounging around, doing some work around the house and watching Netflix. It’s been raining for approximately 1 million days here on Oahu (at least the part of the island where we live) and I’ve about HAD IT! It’s rainy season here, but damn – I need a break. It doesn’t help that the weather has relegated my marathon training to a treadmill which is just awful. Come on Mother Nature – send me some sun!
On that note, let’s talk about some of the things that ARE making me happy…
Celebrations by Danielle Walker arrived in the mail earlier this week and I was able to use a frosting recipe in there (the cream cheese frosting on page 163!) for the center of a cake I made (pictured above). It was SO GOOD. I highly recommend the book for beautiful photography and delicious recipes, though I admit – the configuration is slightly confusing. It’s arranged by holiday, so I found myself flipping back and forth many times. 
Target’s holiday collection is ON POINT this year! I got a little sneak peek last week, but some of it is already out in stores. I am totally swooning over some of the new items (pom pom throw blankets, anyone?) and dreaming about how I can put that copper bar ware to use on my bar cart year-round!
I got all weepy reading this article that says dogs understand how much we love them…
Need an idea for what to do with all that leftover Halloween candy? Check out this recipe for Halloween Bark!
I got to meet the witty and talented Andrea from Salty Canary at BlogHer this summer and she’s always sharing the most whimsical food and party ideas — I just love it! I’ve bookmarked this Breakfast Mac&Cheese for my next cheat meal. If you head over, don’t miss her collection of drool-worth milkshakes 🙂
Happy Monday, everyone!
October 28, 2016


  • That cake is amazing, truly!! And OMG I cannot wait for tonight, my neighbors are going to hate me! LOL Happy Halloween!!

  • That white party sounds like such a fun time!

  • Oh, that location for a party! And those lights! How fun. Super impressed by your cake. And thank you for the warning to avoid Target 😉

  • NEEEEED that pompom blanket! And omg, crying actual tears over dogs understanding us.

  • Oh wow, that white party looks so amazing. That cake looks delicious.

  • Jen

    The cake turned out amazing!!!

  • I've seen a couple posts about the great Target holiday stuff. I want to go but I know I'll spend a ton of money! The white party sounds so fun! Happy bday to your friend! I hope the rain ends soon!