5 Bottles Of Wine I Love From Target

Growing up in Pennsylvania, the only place you could buy liquor or beer (or wine) was at a specialty liquor store. I thought this was how every place in the world was until I moved to Michigan in my early twenties and realized that Pennsylvania was behind the times in a major way. I loved being able to shop at Meijer (any mid-westerners here? I love Meijer – I could kiss that place!) and grab what I needed AND a bottle of wine. Well, we don’t have Meijer here in Hawaii, but we DO have Target. And a Target that sells alcohol, at that…
So without further ado, here are my best picks from everyone’s favorite store. The best part? They’re all under $15 per bottle, so let’s dive right in!
*the cost of everything is just slightly higher in Hawaii, so I imagine these bottles will be even cheaper for you if you’re on the mainland!*
5 Bottles Of Wine I Love From Target
1. Cupcake Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc: Sourced from the South Island of New Zealand, this Sauvignon Blanc
exhibits complexity and a vibrant zing. Flavors of Meyer lemons and Key
limes integrate with hints of grapefruit, gooseberry and citrus,
culminating in a long, creamy finish.
The bottom line? This refreshing wine with a crisp aftertaste is my go-to all day, any day and best served chilled.
2. Apothic Wines(my favorite: Apothic Crush): A decadent red blend that combines red fruit flavors with notes of caramel and a velvety smooth mouthfeel.
The bottom line? This hearty wine is best paired with a delicious meat & cheese platter — or just as a night cap 🙂 In full disclosure, I LOVE this entire line of wine!
3. Coppola Ivory Label Cabernet Sauvignon: A powerfully complex wine with a classic flavor profile and youthful maturity. Debuted with the 2006 vintage, the first year Coppola wines were produced at the Sonoma property.
The bottom line? I have been hooked on this wine ever since we visited the Sonoma vineyard a few years ago. Every time I drink it, it takes me back to that time – what’s not to love?
4.  KRIS Pinot Grigio: With enticing aromas of acacia flowers, lime, tangerine and hints of
apricots and almonds, KRIS Pinot Grigio is bold but clean and refreshing
on the palate, and offers a long finish tinged with orange blossom and
The bottom line? This wine is DELICIOUS paired with fish, particularly salmon.
5. Layer Cake Malbec: This wine is elegant in the mouth with fresh-picked blackberries,
simmering chocolate sauce on the stove, and somewhere someone’s cooking
bacon…so many layers, so little time.
The bottom line? Dane loves a good Malbec and he gives it 2 thumbs up! This is a robust red wine that pairs nicely with spicy food or Thai.
As you can see, my tastes are all over the place! What is your favorite go-to bottle?
November 6, 2016


  • I have never bought wine at Target! Can you believe that!! But Alaska is like PA and you have to go to specialty stores. And I am not even sure our Target here sells wine, I've never looked. Anyway, I love Apothic wines! I am a pinot noir fan myself.

  • O how I wish Minnesota Targets sold wine 🙁

  • LOVE Layer Cake…we also love one called (I think) Handsome Devil

  • Jen

    I really wish I liked wine, I have tried so many different kinds and I just can't get into it.

  • I'm reading this from old fashioned Pennsylvania and wishing I could get my wine at Target instead of making a special trip to the state store!! They've recently passed legislation that will allow some grocery stores to carry wine here, but I haven't seen it with my own eyes yet!

  • Haha, Michigan certainly has its perks (Ohio was weird on some this stuff too), though I have to say that I am no fan of Meijer. Sometimes I just want some bananas without having to walk to the back of a huge warehouse, people!

    In any case, I love this post! It always gets me how many gazillion wines there are at the store in the first place, and then each store has a totally different selection from the other stores, and I'm just stumped, especially after not having access to my go-to Trader Joe's options anymore. We'll have to try the cabernet sauvignon – sounds right up Peter's alley.