2016 in Numbers

This year has been IN-SANE for us. Good, bad, ugly….all of it. We’ve experienced amazing highs, devastating lows and everything in between. I’m not dubbing 2016 the worst year yet like many I know, but I’m excited for the clean slate of 2017. Anyone else?
To close out the year I figured I would share all that 2016 brought us by the numbers. Kind of crazy considering I’m a words-only kinda gal — but let’s do it!
1,500 – amount of square footage we now own! HOLY CRAP – we bought a house this year!
14 – number of plane rides we took!
Arizona, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida and Kauai had us pretty busy this year!
A sunrise from the sky!
29.2 – number of in-race miles I clocked running in Oahu’s Hapalua Half Marathon and Honolulu Marathon. I’m coming for you HNL Marathon 2017!
236 – number of blog posts written
5 – number of blog posts that had more than 15,000 page views!
4 – number of houses we’ve lived in this year…whoa!
1 – number of cars purchased. Can I just say that after sharing a car for 4 years I am SO FREAKING
EXCITED to finally have one of my own!
2 – number of blog-related awards I won – thank you BlogPaws & SheKnows!
316.8 – pounds of specially made dog food we went through for our sweet girl Judy and all her allergies. Insert wide eyed emoji here!!!
Events that I can’t quite put a number on: pounds of sand in my car from happy beach days, beautiful Hawaiian sunsets, minutes spent rooting for Penn State football, time spent laughing until I cried, times I’ve told Bill to please stop barking, money spent on cold pressed juice and acai bowls & hours spent watching Netflix series (Man In The High Castle, Narcos, Grey’s Anatomy and House Of Cards).
I’m excited for all that 2017 has to offer! How was your year? What was your favorite part?
December 26, 2016