Judy + Bill’s Favorite Dog Treats

This post has been sponsored by SmartBones, but all opinions are mine alone with the helpful input of my dogs, Judy + Bill.
Am I alone in having dogs with insatiable appetites? Let me rephrase — dogs who think they’re ALWAYS hungry?
Who, us?
I know, it’s a Lab thing, but surely other dogs of this nature exist. I know my dogs want to eat constantly, but they each get two square meals a day and I try to balance out what snacks they get in the in-between. I figured since there are quite a few dog owners here, I would share their favorites!
Because my Labs are each special in their own way, they rarely share treats unless they’re homemade my me. Judy has a slew of allergies, so I try to be extra careful with anything store bought for her. Bill eats just about anything, which makes things a bit easier, but I am still cautious about anything off a shelf — have you ever seen the ingredients on some of those labels?! Scary.
One of the items they both enjoy are antlers which my mom buys at the local Tractor Supply store in PA (no judgement – that place is freaking awesome) and ships to me. We have a hard time finding them out here, so it’s always a happy mail day when they arrive. Judy & Bill also enjoy my homemade dog treats, particularly this frozen pumpkin & yogurt recipe, as well as baby carrots and apple slices.
When I’m actually at the store buying treats for Bill, I know I can count on SmartBones® by PetMatrix. I’ve sung the praises of these chews before, but it bears repeating for any other parents of chew-happy hounds who might be new around here. The 4-1-1: SmartBones® chews are completely rawhide-free (SO IMPORTANT), highly digestible and help satisfy that natural instinct dogs have to chew. They also come in a wide variety of flavors like sweet potato and peanut butter.
That said, you can imagine how excited I was when I learned that in addition to chews, PetMatrix now offers SmartNaturals®, a 100% natural meat treat. SmartNaturals® are available in two varieties, made with grass fed beef and sweet potatoes or grass fed lamb and rosemary. Bill prefers the lamb & rosemary combo and my only real complaint is that he gobbles them down so quickly, as opposed to the chews that keep him busy for a little bit. We are still working on commands with him (you could say he’s a slow learner…), so these have been great for rewarding good behavior.
Below are Bill’s favorites from PetMatrix and what he’s hoping Santa Paws puts in his stocking this year!
Judy + Bill's Favorite Dog Treats
And because the fabulous folks at SmartBones® are convinced your pup will love them just as much as Bill, they’re sending one of you a variety pack for your pooch to test out, as well as a $25 VISA gift card. All you need to do is let me know in the comments – what the #1 thing on your dog’s Christmas list is this year? Endless blankets for snuggling? A limitless supply of peanut butter? We want to know!
We will be selecting the winner on Sunday, December 18th, so enter now 🙂 Judy & Bill hope your pets have a paw-some holiday!
December 13, 2016
December 14, 2016