5 On Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!

Here we are at the end of the week and I’m doing a happy dance, because it’s a long weekend. PTL! Are people still saying that? Anyway..let’s get right down to it.

  1. Yesterday was my birthday and Dane and I had sort of joked all week that 28 was kind of one of those lame birthdays that didn’t hold a lot of meaning. I couldn’t officially drink, vote, rent a car….you see where this is going. In the morning I came down to my office and he had filled it with confetti balloons that he had HAND STUFFED after I went to sleep the night before. I thought it was so cute and apparently the dogs did, too, because there was confetti everywhere when I got home from work. Seems as though they had a party of their own!Birthday BalloonsWhen we both got home last night, Dane was like…let’s just go out to eat! So we settled on my favorite local Thai restaurant and I threw on a casual dress. When we got to the restaurant, I realized just how truly sneaky Dane is. It was filled with all our friends & family here on the island. I was so excited I almost cried, but instead I just drank a lot of wine, ate a ton of Thai food and blew out the candles on my homemade Momofuku Milk Bar cake that my friend made for me after she heard me raving about them one time.

And there were party favors!

Probably one of the last times I will get to hang out with Marissa in Hawaii, which makes me so sad 🙁 We both have the same good side so, prom post it was! Fun fact: we met on Twitter and the rest is history! It seems I have a habit of meeting friends on the internet…

I am a lucky, lucky lady!

2. I stumbled across this article the other day on Facebook that a friend had posted and it freaked me the hell out. In an effort to spread the word, I wanted to pass it along. Look, I recognize that all the information posted is considered “public knowledge”, but I would rather not have it so easily accessible with the click of a single button.

3. Does anyone else in the blogging world go on Tailwind binges? I am just getting the hang of it, but I bit the bullet in December for their full blown yearly package after seeing really good results in my free trial. When it comes to spending money on this blog, I need hard numbers to justify that my money is well spent and for me – Tailwind proved it! If anyone is totally lost here, Tailwind is a Pinterest pinning tool that helps you optimize the best times to pin, shows you analytics and then pushes out the pins you have in  your queue. It gives you the ability to mix things up on certain days, stretch out your pinning schedule and all sorts of site optimization metrics. I really love it. But! I have a question for anyone who knows anything about Pinterest – how often should I be pinning? I feel like I’m pinning TOO much, because Tailwind keeps adding “optimal pinning times” for me. Any experts here please weigh in!

4. This weekend we are continuing my birthday celebration with a night at our friend’s beach house and a night at one of my favorite hotels downtown – The Surfjack! More details to come, but I envision a lot of sun, fun and relaxation 🙂 Be sure to follow along on Instagram for story updates!

5. Yesterday when I was out on my run, I stopped because I thought I saw a dead mongoose or rat in the road. It was moving really slowly, so I figured it must have gotten hit by a car and my heart just sank. I don’t particularly care for those animals, but I also don’t want to see anything struggle. You can imagine my horror when I got closer and I was staring down the biggest freaking centipede I’ve ever seen. I immediately stomped on it and it latched onto my sneaker (they are truly the devil) and so I stomped down again and it still wasn’t dead. I’m quite certain you could light them on fire and they still wouldn’t die. So far I’ve gotten bit and Judy has gotten bit, so I have NO MERCY! Ick!

This photo doesn’t do the size justice, but trust me when I say it was one of the biggest I’ve ever seen!

What have you been up to this week? Happy long weekend!

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  • OMG! You stomped on that thing? I would have ran the other direction, and I don’t even run! HAHA

    • Kait

      Lol! I did..and it still didn’t die. You literally have to kill them with fire or bleach…or both!

  • I just paid for a month of Tailwind to see how it goes… I didn’t notice a big difference in my free trial but maybe I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m excited to swap ideas and tricks if you figure anything out though! I’m going to check my optimized times to see if they have added or changed this week! Andy can we just talk about how you had the best birthday ever?! Love the surprise!! The cake is adorable, too!

    • Kait

      Definitely! I was committed to using it as best as I could and found some helpful posts about best practices on Pinterest. I just make sure that I’m pinning more than 40 times per day and using their optimal times. I pin more on weekends and then I also make sure I have a good mix of my content and content from others. I hope you see an upswing this month!!

  • There is NO way I’d ever go near that centipede! I’m glad you had a great birthday!

    • Kait

      Isn’t it disgusting?! They are the worst!

  • Awww, how fun! Happy birthday! And that cake looks amazing.

    • Kait

      Thank you! I was so impressed with the cake too!

  • How cute and sweet is your husband for those birthday surprises?! I mean, that’s seriously too adorable. I actually looked on that website when I saw it circulating, but I wasn’t on there so I didn’t even have to worry about it. Also, I lived in Hawaii for almost 4 years when I was super young and I remember those centipedes pretty well. One time my dad had to beat it with a hammer to kill it. Not just strike it once or twice, but actually beat it. I think they’re the reason way I’m so irrationally afraid of bugs now.

    • Kait

      Holy crap! That’s insane about the hammer! I don’t doubt it at all – they are NASTY! I’ve gotten bit once and so has one of our dogs I don’t take any chances with them (or give them any chances!). If I see one – they’re getting killed!

  • The party favors are SO adorable! I totally screen shotted and plan on using that idea in the future! The cake is adorable too!

    • Kait

      Thank you! My friend Jill made them and I was impressed, too! It’s super simple, but practical you know?

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