Best Ever Gluten Free Products For 2017

One of my super thoughtful readers reached out a few weeks ago and said – “I’ve searched high and low on your website and can’t seem to find a list of all your favorite gluten free products!”

It got me thinking…I don’t think I’ve ever done one! GASP! I know, I know…

So it took me a little while to compile all of my absolute favorites, but I finally have them here for you today, broken down by category.

Best Gluten Free Products For 2017

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Best Gluten Free Products of 2017

Bread: In a past life, I ate bread like it was running away. Now, I definitely limit my intake (I would much rather eat dessert), but when I do, I turn to Udi’s. They are, without a doubt, my gluten free bread maker of choice. Bagels, baguettes, tortillas…oh my! They have many options for gluten free foodies to choose from, which is always a nice bonus 🙂 If you’re in the market for something a bit more homemade tasting, I cannot recommend Canyon Bakehouse enough. Their focaccia is what dreams are made of! Well, gluten free dreams, of course 😉

Pasta: I tend to prefer combination ingredient gluten free pasta, so if it’s just corn, or quinoa, or rice, I tend to not buy it. Why? Because I’ve found that it cooks a little bit better when its comprised of multiple ingredients. To me, it also tastes better! Of course, this is all person preference and thankfully, pasta has come a very long way in the gluten free spectrum! When I was first diagnosed, I just avoided it altogether. Then, I slowly moved to making it by hand in my kitchen. Now? Box, box, baby…My favorite brands include Garofalo, Nature’s Earthly Choice and Barilla (for an easy grab at most grocers, they just might not always have the shape you want.)

Snacks/Treats: I’m admittedly a huge snacker, so I like to always have things on hand that I know I can eat or indulge in. When it’s not an apple and peanut butter (100% my vice) my go-tos are Goodie Girl Cookies (holy yum!), Snyder’s GF Pretzels (bonus points if they’re flavored!) and Schär Honeygrahams. The Honeygrahams are delicious on their own, perfect for s’mores and THE BEST for making gluten free cheesecake crusts. I Heart Keenwah also makes some seriously drool-inducing snacks like sea salt and chocolate covered quinoa puffs, as well as cheesy puffs (and others) that are perfect for snaking on the go.

Baking: Anyone who has been here for awhile knows that I sing the praises of all Cup4Cup‘s products. I can honestly tell you that no flour I’ve cooked with has matched the consistency or quality of Cup4Cup. Now, gluten free flour has come a LONG way, but I’m still true to my old favorite. Their regular flour and pizza crust are hands-down my fave! If I don’t have time for something homemade, the gluten free mixes from Williams Sonoma are AMAZING! I tested out the Gluten Free Madeleine Mix at Christmas time and they were a huge hit and the pie crust mix is the perfect remedy for those of us who don’t have time to cut butter into a flour mixture and spend all day kneading. Ya feel me? Anyone who bakes gluten free knows that achieving a moist end result (not dry or crusty as GF tends to do) is a win and I can honestly say that all of these fit the bill. While I haven’t tried all of the gluten free products at Williams-Sonoma, all of the ones I HAVE tried are clear winners, so I’m eager to sample some more.

I would be remiss in not mentioning a few of my favorite overall gluten free brands that I’ve sampled in the past and loved. Bob’s Red Mill for things like baking mixes, bread mixes and flour. While they’re not my all time favorite, they work very well, are super user-friendly (you GF chefs know what I’m talking about!) and can usually be found easily at the store. Steve’s Paleogoods is another great company that offers some of the best granola I’ve ever tasted and it comes in about a million different flavors. I’m not kidding!

Do you follow a gluten free diet? What are you go-to favorite products? I love finding new brands to try!



  • I love Bob’s for all our whole30 needs, like almond and coconut flour! Seems to do the trick.

    • Kait

      Their coconut flour is THE BOMB!

  • This is such a helpful post. My husband is allergic to wheat and we are always looking for substitutes. I even favorite the page!

    • Kait

      Oh I’m so glad you found it helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Completely agree with all of your picks! The gluten-free products have come a LONG way in the last 5 years!

    • Kait

      Thank you! They totally have thank goodness!