Best Places To Buy Swimwear: A 2017 Guide

Let’s be honest with ourselves ladies…it’s swimwear season! For those that don’t live in Hawaii where swimwear season is all year long, spring break is just around the corner and from there on out – warm weather trips and pool time are just a blink away. Heck, my mom told me it was 70 degrees in Pennsylvania last week! What in the…what? That’s nearly unheard of weather in February!

A couple posts back I asked where the best places to find swimwear was and you people DELIVERED. I have rounded up some of my favorites from what you suggested, as well as a few that I plan on buying when I get my tax return. So let’s get down to business with the hottest swimwear for 2017, shall we?

Best Places To Buy Swimwear

Maaji – I have such a love affair with the vibrant colors of Maaji. Let’s be real for a moment – I want ALL of their stuff. Dresses, cover-ups, shorts, swimwear…you can never have enough Maaji in your closet if you are a color connoisseur like myself. What I love about their designs is that the patterns never match up perfectly, even on their suits that go together. They use a lot of the same color schemes so you can mix and match, which is always a kind of fun option! One important note about Maaji is that they are traditional Brazilian style swimsuits, so their bottoms are definitely “cheeky” in nature. That’s very normal here in Hawaii, so it’s something I’m comfortable with. That said, if you prefer more coverage – I wouldn’t buy this brand.

Maaji Swim - 2017

Marysia – I LOVE the Marysia styles and I have ever since I started noticing those trademark scallops popping up all over Instagram a few years ago. I’ll be frank – they’re pricey. From everything I’ve read online, though, the price factor evens out, because they seem to last forever. Bonus points for swimsuits that last me a long time, because hello! Year round beach-goer here. I haven’t purchased mine yet, but when I do, I’m going to go for the classic black color in a simple strapless two piece.

Marysia Swim - 2017

Athleta – I got lots of recommendations for Athleta swimwear and I agree – it’s fantastic! I know this because I ordered a swimsuit from there last year. The bottoms are SNUG, but that’s great for active people who don’t go to the beach to lay out and read a book. If you’re into water sports, beach running, etc. – Athleta swimwear is for you. If you’re looking for something cheeky and high fashion, perhaps consider another place. I plan on ordering the Smocked Bikini Top for active beach days with the dogs!

Athleta Swim - 2017

J Crew – I don’t usually tend toward one pieces, but J Crew has me re-thinking that for this season. How flattering is this plunge neck suit? I’m a small chested gal, so I don’t need a ton of support up top (sadly), so I really like the bralette-style tops that keep popping up this season, too. For those of you who need more support, they offer several adorable underwire options!

J Crew Swim - 2017

Billabong – The frontrunner here in Hawaii is Billabong (unless you have a taut tush – in which case then it’s San Lorenzo!). I have had multiple Billabong suits and they all withstand the test of time. That said – when they’re done — they’re done. They don’t fade or pull, which I really love, but on every single suit of theirs I’ve owned their downfall is the elastic in the bottoms. It gets saggy and then just — bad. You know what I’m getting at here. But because I know they last, I’m never hesitant to buy one (or more) from their brand. Another trend I’ve noticed for this year is cutouts (both on tops and bottoms), as well as high neck halter styles. I love both!

Billabong Swim - 2017

I’ve also gotten recommendations for Asos, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, L*Space & Amazon, but I’ve never ordered from there, so I can’t vouch…yet 😉
If you’re in the market for a new suit, where are you shopping this season?

February 22, 2017


  • I haven’t bought or been in a swim suit in….I want to say six years? But I usually look on Asos, Anthro, and Urban Outfitters. I am excited to get a couple for our move 🙂

    • Kait

      WHAT?!?! No swimsuits in Alaska…how odd 😉 All good go-to spots – I’ll need to look there.

  • I perked up when I saw this post title because I am definitely in the market for a couple new suits! I actually just bought 12 (!!!) from Amazon, and while I really really liked four of them, I ended up sending them all back. I’m pretty picky about my swimsuits and only want to spend money if I LOVE it. I’ve never heard of some of these brands, so I’ll def be checking them out!

    • Kait

      That’s exactly how I feel! I don’t mind investing a little bit for a quality suit, simply because I know I’m going to wear it just about every weekend. I can’t believe you ordered 12 suits – that made me chuckle. What’s not funny is that you didn’t really like any of them. Boo to that! I hope you can find one you love this season!

  • Jen

    All of these suits are really cute! I’m dreading swimsuit season this year but it is what it is haha.

    • Kait

      You’ll be fine! You have all those races coming up 🙂

  • Ooh checking out the first two brands! I know exactly what you’re talking about with Billabong bottoms. I just ordered a few from ASOS, I’ll keep you posted on how they are!

    • Kait

      Please do!

  • I ordered one that I LOVE from one of those Asian websites. It was like $8, but of course, it took like a month to get here. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but I remember it rhymed with “awful”.

    • Kait

      Ohhh now I need to check it out! I know there is Cup Of She, but I should look into others!

  • Hey girls you can also check at, nice cut with flirty chic bikinis to express your inner water goddess 😉

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