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I have never been looking to a Friday more than I have been anticipating this one. By the time you read this, I’ll be kicking back on the beautiful island of Maui for a long-time-coming trip.  I haven’t left the island since last summer and while that doesn’t seem like a long time – it’s a LONG TIME. I was ecstatic when Island Air asked me to island hop to capture all that Maui has to offer. Be sure to follow along on their Instagram this weekend as I’ll be running the show!

Of course this weekend couldn’t get here before a few hiccups along the way…

Last weekend, we noticed a funky smell coming from Judy’s mouth. Of course it was late on a Saturday night (when else would it be?) and she wasn’t letting us anywhere near it. After managing to pry open her jaws while Dane held onto her, we noticed what was unmistakably an abscess. Gross! Her mouth stunk like sewage. We rushed her to the vet, only for them to tell us that the dental doctor wasn’t on duty, but not to worry because they could call them in for a fee that sort of made me shit my pants. We decided against that after learning that the abscess wasn’t anything that would kill our baby if we just brought her back during regular business hours. Our sweet angel ended up having the infection cleared out, teeth removed and was able to come home on Tuesday night. I was really lonely without her and Bill kept looking everywhere for his sister. Poor guy!


And then I made the conclusion that our dishwasher (which was installed into this house in August) is on the fritz. And by on the fritz I mean that it fills up with water, swishes around the dirt and food particles and then leaves them right there on the dishes to rot until the timer dings and it’s time for me to see the mess that has ensued. It is driving me MAD. I actually told Dane I just wanted to entire dishwasher taken out, because honestly if the damn machine is that finicky that I have to thoroughly wash each dish before I put it in there…what the hell is the point!? I rinse them before putting them in now and sometimes it seems they come out DIRTIER than when I put them in there. So for now, we have a “for show” dishwasher that just sits there and looks pretty. ::Eye Roll::

MaiTai Catamaran - Waikiki

Last weekend, I had the chance to go out on the MaiTai Catamaran here in Honolulu for the first time – can you believe that?! It’s such a staple of Waikiki and I had never done it, so when friends offered I was all over it! It was such a beautiful day and the waters were surprisingly calm for this time of year. We even managed to see a few whales breach kind of near the boat, which I thought was AWESOME, mostly because seeing whales that close from Oahu is not the norm.

MaiTai Catamaran - Waikiki

As soon as we get back from Maui this weekend, my mom will be arriving! I am so, so anxious for her to visit and have been getting our house in order in preparation. I finished off our guest room and guest bathroom (full reveal posts coming!) and have been planning activities and meals for her time here. I am so dang excited I could burst. Does anyone else get this excited when family is coming to town?

And before I sign off for the day, I would be remiss in not mentioning this RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE bag that Kelsey blogged about earlier this week….

Nannacay Joana Multi Medium Tote

See more of her spring bag picks here. Warning: They will all send you into a shopping frenzy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

How was your week?

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  • You need that bag! I actually thought of you when I saw it! But then I thought you were very much creative enough to DIY one for a fraction of the cost. LOL 🙂 Have a great weekend, I can’t wait to see all that you guys do!

    • Kait

      Whoa whoa whoa, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! I only craft when I’m drunk so maybe I’ll add this to my boozy DIY collection 😉

  • Jen

    Poor Judy, Emma had the same issue last year and it’s the worst. Enjoy your time in Maui, definitely one of my favorite places!

    • Kait

      I agree! I’m ready for some RELAXATION!

  • I swear the week before vacation is possessed. Hope you have the BEST time ever!

    • Kait

      TRULY! I could not think of a more perfect description!

  • I have been LOVING straw bags right now, and that one with the pom pom is wonderful. Have THE BEST time in Maui – that is definitely going to be our next Hawaii trip 🙂

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  • Ahhh these vet bills are going to be the death of both of us! Major party foul about the dishwasher. That was legit driving me up the wall! On the other hand, HOORAY for mom coming to visit! I absolutely get that excited when my parents come to down. How nice that she can come for so long. Enjoy your weekend, love!

  • Poor Judy!! I am glad she is okay and hopefully she feels better now! That would make me so mad about the dishwasher. You definitely deserve a weekend away!

  • So jealous of your trip! Wish we could go back one more time!

    • Kait

      It was exactly what we needed! So relaxing, but with enough exploring in there and of course…lots and lots of food! LOL