Books I Read In February

I’ll be honest – February kind of kicked my reading ass, so the Books I Read In February list is going to be…not quite as fun as I had hoped. I only read two and a half books this month, but I have a full breakdown for anyone who might be interested in following along!

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Books I Read In February

The Couple Next Door by: Shari Lapena – 5 out of 5 stars

If you like Gone Girl style novels, this one is for you! The Couple Next Door begins with Anne and Marco Conti at a dinner party where they take turns going back and forth home to check on their baby, Cora. Why did they leave Cora at home alone while they went to a dinner party? You’ll find out in this page turner as Cora being home alone turns into Cora being missing. I read the book in two days and it’s definitely my must read of the month!

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert – 2.5 out of 5 stars

This book was recommended to me by a friend who actually loaned me her copy. I was high off the goodness of The Couple Next Door, so I hungrily dove right in. I was quickly reminded why I didn’t enjoy Eat, Pray, Love. This book was a follow-up to sort of…what happens after she finds love in Bali in that book. I was eager to see her thoughts on marriage after divorce and her perspective. Elizabeth Gilbert’s writing style in this book (and others) is as if she’s conversing directly with you, which I love. But I was hoping for more of her story and less of her waxing poetic about what the meaning of marriage is. Maybe it’s just me and my preferences, but this book fell flat in many ways for me. In fact, I didn’t even bother finishing the book because I just found it to be annoying after awhile. What am I missing here Elizabeth Gilbert lovers?!

Secret Service Dogs by: Maria Goodavage – 4 out of 5 stars

Dane came home with this book for me as a surprise one day and I was shocked! I had been eyeing it at my favorite store (Costco) and I jumped right into it. Secret Service Dogs catalogs all the courageous canines who protect the President and First Family. I’ll be the first to tell you that if you’re not into the whys and hows of animal training and/or working animals – this is not the book for you. I’m very interested in that topic, but there were times were even I was like…get on with it! I took off a star for that reason and the lack of photos (understandably so for security reasons), but…I just like photos for referring faces to names, particularly in non-fiction.

What have you been reading?





  • I loved The Couple Next Door….right up my alley! I haven’t read the other two, but I am always looking to add to my list. This month I have read Right Behind You (you would love this book!!!) and The Stranger in the Woods, which is great too!

    • Kait

      I did too! I need to mark those others down because I’m currently in a rut. NO READING – the horrors!

  • Oh I really liked The Couple Next Door, too! What are you reading now? The book I’m currently reading is just okay and I’m on the hunt for something good.

  • Have we talked about my opinions on Elizabeth Gilbert yet? I can’t remember. Anyway-I’ve never related to an author more than I related to the author of Big Magic. And I’ve never been annoyed by an author more than the author of Eat, Pray, Love. And it kind of broke my heart when I realized they were the same person. Also, she’s since moved on to a new soulmate, which while that’s not anything to judge and I something that I understand happens sometimes, it does make it annoying to me to read the things she’s said about marriage and her one true love when there’s been 3 (4?) at this point. It just irks me. Especially since a lot of her writing justifies the treatment of the people close to her (like her first husband) by the fact that she hadn’t met her TRUE love yet.

    • Kait

      OH MY GOSH CHELSEA! You are speaking right to my heart right now. I also feel this way and you just put it more eloquently than I ever could! I don’t get the love affair (no pun intended) with her and I totally agree that some of what she says re: marriage make my skin crawl because…hello?!

  • I was not a fan of Eat Pray Love, either, so Committed does not sound like it would be one for me!

    • Kait

      You definitely would not enjoy it! I think that author is off my radar for any future reading…

  • Definitely not a fan of Elizabeth Gilbert–I tried reading Eat Pray Love on my best friend’s suggestion and found her a little, how do I say this nicely, self-absorbed? The Couple Next Door sounds like a book I should add to my reading list though!

    • Kait

      YES! I felt the same way and another commenter mentioned exactly what I was thinking…she’s now well beyond the marriage of that book and onto someone new so to hear her talk about soul mates and love..I don’t know – it all seemed quite trite.

  • I just listened to Cancel the Wedding and it was good, slightly predictable but some good twists, a good beach read!

    • Kait

      I need some good reads in my life!