Dressing Room Diaries: Gap Outlet, Spring 2017

The last time I did a dressing room diaries post on swimwear from Target, it became my most popular post of all time. Apparently you people like to see other people try on clothes! I can’t say I blame you, when I see people publish posts like this, I can’t click my mouse fast enough. Mostly, because I am nosy and I want to see what they are trying on. So, I’m back! This time with Dressing Room Diaries: Gap Outlet, Spring 2017 Edition.

We have a decently good set of outlets here on Oahu. They aren’t the ones in Rehoboth, DE or Leesburg, VA, but they will work in a pinch. In a never-ending quest for new polo shirts for Dane to wear to work, I swung by Brooks Brothers, which happens to be near the Gap Outlet. Swing and a miss at Brooks Brothers, but HELLO GORGEOUS at Gap Outlet. I mean – pastels as far as the eye can see.

I know the Gap Outlet is pretty much a dime a dozen, so why not break down some favorites for everyone, shall we?

Let’s do it.

The first thing I tried on were these shortalls. I have been wanting a pair of shortalls since I saw regular overalls come back late last summer and into fall. Call me crazy, but I think over a swimsuit or with a bandeau they would be super cute. Unfortunately, these were a swing and a miss for me. They have a nice little side zipper for easier in-and-out but the small was immediately too tight on my thighs. When I sized up to the medium, it was too large through my mid-section. Verdict: Left at the store.

Gap Outlet - Spring 2017

I am a HUGE fan of the J. Crew Dreamy Cotton Pants that Dane gifted me for Christmas (see also: it’s all I ever wear now), so when I saw this VERY SIMILAR capri style, I snagged them off the rack to try on immediately. Gap typically also has great shelf tanks that are good for sleeping so I grabbed one of those to try on, too. Let’s start with the tank. It was a heavier cotton than I would have liked, but the real deal breaker was the fact that it fit me super poorly. The scoop neck in the small was way too tight and the scoop in the medium sagged, plus there was just way too much going on in the back. Verdict: Left at the store.Gap Outlet - Spring 2017

But the capris! I can tell you that they are as soft if not softer than the J. Crew pants I mentioned above, HOWEVER they fit pretty snugly, which is the total opposite of how the other pants run. I sized up to a medium for reasons that are pretty obvious below. The only thing I don’t care for in these is that the waistband has a fake drawstring that is pretty much just for show. It doesn’t tighten or loosen anything. That said, these capris are a perfect dupe for their pant style sister over J. Crew. Verdict: Took home in a size medium.Gap Outlet - Spring 2017

Okay now let’s discuss these adorable neon linen shorts. I’m not sure if they are a regular item for this season or if they were still leftover from last season, but they are SO CUTE. I could only find two pairs in the whole store that were both size small, so I figured…sure! If anything, I thought they would be way too small. Totally wrong on all accounts. These shorts fit HUGE, which may or may not be why there were only two pairs (sizing errors at the factory? I don’t know…) Anyway, this was a size small with the drawstring pulled as tight as I could get it and there was just no making it work. So sad, but because I loved the color and cut and they weren’t super short! Verdict: Left at the store.

Gap Outlet - Spring 2017

As soon as I saw this jumper on a back rack, I knew it was coming into the fitting room with me. I loved that it was light, linen and striped in the appropriate direction to give the illusion of height. I’m wearing a size small, but I honestly wish I would have tried on the extra small. The linen is super soft and what I loved is that it doesn’t drag on the floor when I wear sandals (even though it appears it does here – I promise it doesn’t!) I’m only 5’4″, so usually I don’t have the luxury of buy & wear. Typically it’s buy, hem then wear. The little tassels on the drawstring made me nervous at first (a washing nightmare), but are made of higher quality string (or so it seems) and I’m optimistic. Verdict: Took home in size small. Gap Outlet - Spring 2017

And finally, this 7/8ths length maxi that I wanted to LOVE. I’m not quite sure why I wanted to take it home so badly, maybe the length? Or the color? Or the fun stripes? I have no idea, but I actually tried this on first when I got into the dressing room. I think my face says it all – boxy, ill-fitting and just all around…bad. I tried on a size small, but I would have been hesitant to size down without having it hug my butt. Maybe this would work for someone who either 1. has more curves or 2. has no curves. I fall somewhere in-between and it’s clearly not a good fit for me. Verdict: Left at the store.
Gap Outlet - Spring 2017 Gap Outlet - Spring 2017

And that’s a wrap! I should add that Gap Outlet also had a great assortment of workout gear, but I was running late and needed to hightail it out of there.

So what do you think of my choices? And where can a girl get a good pair of shortalls? Links please!

March 10, 2017


  • Jen

    I am loving that maxi dress, it looks light and comfortable!

  • Courtney

    Love that romper, so wish I could pull it off. Also, I’m still loving your wordpress site, I feel like it’s so perfect for you!

    • Kait

      I feel like you definitely could pull this one off! Plus the stripes elongate the body! WIN WIN

  • Ooh, fun – Gap Outlet is one of the only “box” stores we have in my small town, so it’s fun to see what you tried on (except for the fact that it will be ages before we can wear any of this stuff around here). Love the jumpsuit on you!

    • Kait

      Thank you! The jumpsuit was BY FAR my favorite, but I really badly wanted to love that damn dress! Are you dreaming of a Hawaii vacation yet?? 😉

  • jillian

    gap factory sizing can be so crazy! but i love the jumpsuit you picked out! xo jillian

    • Kait

      I agree! I go from XS-L and I’m like wait…what?!

  • I seriously cannot remember the last time I tried anything on in a dressing room. But I would say Levis is your best best for all things overalls.

    • Kait

      I typically don’t because I get all sweaty…and that is gross! LOL! Totally checking out Levis now, thank you 🙂

  • That jumpsuit is PERFECT on you! I’m with you on the tassles though. That would have been a concern for me too! I need my clothes to “wash and wear” with no fuss. Glad to hear you think they’ll hold up though! I agree with what you kept and what you left. Love these posts, friend!

    • Kait

      Thank you! I typically shop alone and don’t get feedback from friends so my decisions feel validated when I get compliments like yours!! 🙂 Thank you friend! xo