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Happy Monday, everyone!

Since my mom has been in town, we’ve been hanging out all over the island and soaking up as many adventures together as we can. Since Dane has been pretty busy with work, it has kind of worked out well for us! Ironically, two of my mom’s friends from mainland are also here visiting, so we’ve gotten a chance to all hang out which is even cooler.

This past week we had some beach time, enjoyed lots of delicious food, conquered a new hike she hasn’t been on before and spent lots and lots of time laughing. It’s nice having visitors, because we are always reminded of all the reasons we love Hawaii and spend less time thinking about the neighbors who make our life a living hell.

Are you ready for a photo dump? Let’s start with this delicious shave ice. We discovered a new-to-us shave ice spot up beyond La’ie toward Kahuku (I’m sure that means nothing to anyone who is reading on the mainland) but it is….SO GOOD! Holy moly, I’m still dreaming about this tropical infusion.

Shave Ice - Kahuku

Pearl Harbor is something that I’m so fiercely adamant about people seeing when they come visit Oahu. My mom has been there countless times though the years that we’ve lived here, but one of her friends had never seen it. She invited us to tag along with her and I’m so glad we did. I learn something new each time I visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona. Pearl Harbor - USS Arizona Pearl Harbor - USS Arizona

The stuffed french toast at Lulu’s in Waikiki (right near the zoo!) cannot be missed. It’s so dang delicious and the presentation of it just makes me happy!Stuffed French Toast -Lulu's, Waikiki Beach

The Kahala Resort is home to one of my favorite Italian restaurants EVER. Truly, it feels like I’m sitting in Tuscany all over again (with a price to match!), but during the day it’s a beautiful oasis of happy tourists, ocean breezes and delicious mai tais. Kahala Resort

Lots and lots of malasadas!Leonard's Bakery - Honolulu, Hawaii - Malasadas

There is a neighborhood in Honolulu that has the coolest wall murals – I love these!

My dad couldn’t make the trip so we went to another local coffee spot and had his photo put on a hot cup of joe (his name is Joe, too!). He really, really loved it.Local Joe Hawaii

We went to the local Elk’s Club for sunset one night with a friend of ours who is a member. It’s right on the water with a big pool, cheap drinks and nice live music. Plus, it’s a FANTASTIC place to watch the sun sink down!

Of course after all my talk about The Surfjack, my mom had to see it for herself. We went for dinner to Mahina & Sun’s (she loved the custom shaka wallpaper) and she got to see it all! Is there anything cooler than poolside movies at night?Surfjack Hotel - Honolulu, Hawaii

My mom still has a little more than two weeks left of her trip and we definitely plan on cramming in more adventures, more food, more hikes…and lots more laughs 🙂


  • What an awesome collection of photos! I would love to go back to Oahu, and next time I do, I will definitely get some of that stuffed French toast – yum!!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

    • Kait

      If you come back, promise to let me know you’re coming 🙂

  • Jen

    I am so glad that you are getting all this time with your Mom. You guys have such an awesome relationship. Oh and the coffee with your Dad’s photo on it is priceless. Haha.

    • Kait

      Isn’t it funny?! I love going there just to get photos on my coffee!

  • YAY for mom visits!

    • Kait

      It’s the best!

  • Has she already been there three or four weeks?! TIME IS FLYING! Man! I already feel sad for you because I know you’ve had the very best visit with her! Party foul about your neighbors… how frustrating, especially since you bought your house. I’ve learned that neighbors can really make or break where you live, but it’s not like you can interview them before you move sooooo…. tough one. I feel like a broken record, but you are so dang cute in all these pics, and I just think you and Dane make the most attractive couple! Love these posts that are glimpse into your life. 🙂

    • Kait

      She’s been here for two weeks and then two more, but I’m already dreading her leaving 🙁 The neighbor situation is beyond what I can even comprehend. I don’t have words…at least not any nice ones! And WOW! What a compliment – you are so sweet 🙂 THANK YOU!