Tropical Guest Room Reveal

This post has been sponsored by Lamps Plus, but all thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

So ages ago, I posted about the inspiration for our tropical guest room and I envisioned a lot of color and some funky lamps and light fixtures. My mom arrives today from the mainland for a visit, so I figured it was the perfect time to share our Tropical Guest Room Reveal!

Tropical Guest Room Inspiration

Dane and I both had a lot of ideas about what we wanted decor-wise once we moved into our house. Heck, I even started a Hawaii House Guest Room Pinterest Board!

We both wanted lots of cool light fixtures, but our house came with brand new silent ceiling fans, which is necessary because…Hawaii. So I knew immediately that the neat light fixtures I had my eyes on, particularly for our guest room, were out. Sure, I could have uninstalled the ceiling fans, but why would I do that when that is the only way to cool yourself? (We don’t have central air, which is pretty customary in Hawaii). So, all the ceiling fans stayed. They’re all white and throw a good amount of air (SILENTLY), so I can’t really complain from a use or aesthetic point of view.

For our guest room, I had really envisioned a funky mirror to compliment the studs on the bed have from Lamps Plus. I also ix-nayed this pretty quickly, because the closet doors are full length mirrors. It’s not my first choice, but until we can get in there to renovate and install something different – the mirrored doors stay and the wall mirror isn’t happening.

Now let’s focus on all the ideas that actually came to life!

Tropical Hawaiian Guest Room

First things first – the bed. We have the Newport Graphite Linen Hand-Craft Upholstered Bed in queen from Lamps Plus. This is the main focal point of our guest bedroom, so I wanted to pair all our decor around it. When we got it set up in our guest room, I immediately wished that we had swapped which room we made our guest room and which room we made our office, solely based on room. The bed is huge and will be perfect for guests to enjoy comfortably! It came in two boxes which kind of intimidated me, but Dane and I had it set up in less than an hour. So quick and easy! We put the entire thing together with an allen wrench, which kind of amazed me.

Tropical Hawaiian Guest Room

We opted to put it in the corner of the room with just enough space for a fun hairpin leg side table to serve as the nightstand. I had originally sourced a golden bamboo-style nightstand, but the gold table and the silver nail heads on the headboard clashed (in my opinion). I knew ahead of time that the bedding was where I could have the best most fun. I opted for crisp white sheets and a cotton blanket with a colorful throw and funky pillows. To save money, I opted for pillow covers for pillows we already owned, so I can swap designs in and out if I get sick of the ones I picked this go around. I also picked up some large white pillows with pom-poms on them to pop against the headboard.

Tropical Hawaiian Guest Room

If you were sad to see that the palm frond leaf pillows didn’t make it to our guest room, just be patient for our patio reveal 😉

While there is a decently sized closet, I also wanted a tall dresser to put against the wall. We have two all wood dressers that were handmade many, many years ago, so I’ve never been able to let them go as we’ve moved. I decided to put a crisp white coat of paint on it and the dresser came back to life in a way I never expected! I really love how it pops against the wall.

Tropical Hawaiian Guest Room

I hadn’t really thought about artwork for our guest room, but after unpacking and “re-discovering” these vintage Hawaiian surf maps – I knew that was the direction I wanted to go. I really love fresh plants in a room, so I added a few Monsterra leaves in a glass vase for the nightstand.

Tropical Hawaiian Guest Room

As you can see – we did a bit of a detour from my original inspiration board, but I’m okay with that! I really love how it all came together and I’m so excited to be able to host guests in a room that is both comfortable and inviting.

Tropical Hawaiian Guest Room

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect accent rug in here! I’m not wild about the flooring in our house, so I try my best to make it work (for now) with lots of fun rugs here and there. This room has stumped me, because I can’t quite decided if I want something really colorful, or a more neutral piece. What do you think?

So, who’s coming to visit?


March 14, 2017
March 15, 2017


  • Oh man I LOVE the colors. I pretty much love everything to be honest – haha! I think a rug with some peach/coral accents would be perfect – but I know it’s hard to work with the flooring – that’s how our house at Benning was!! I was always stumped but eventually figured it out. Nice work!!

    • Kait

      The flooring is the worst! Unfortunately it’s EVERYWHERE in this house. When I win the lottery, it’s the first thing that’s going, LOL! Thank you so much for all your compliments 🙂

  • Ahhh, I love it! And I’m coming to visit! (Not for real. But maybe.) The headboard is so classy, and then I love all the fun patterns and textures and colors on the pillows to play off the sophisticated gray and nailhead trim. (Side note: a guest room is a place you can get away with all of this fabulous layered pillowness…if I tried to do this on our regular bed Peter would be having none of it.) And I’m a big fan of hairpin legs, so I love the chic simplicity of the whole side table setup too.

    • Kait

      Oh I can 100% relate to the pillows…Dane would have NONE of all those. He even said – LOOK AT ALL THOSE PILLOWS! WHAT THE HECK?! But I know secretly he loves it 😉 So when are you coming?

  • Just a heads up that I’m coming over and will be moving into this room, okay great bye.

    • Kait

      I hope you really are! We can trade books and beverages all day long! 🙂

  • This room looks amazing! I love the bed and what a great price!

  • Jen

    I love everything about this but I have to say my favorite aspect are the pillows! They are amazing.

  • jillian

    i love that upholstered bed! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  • I love how this space came out! Those pom-pom pillows are too cute!

    The Blush Blonde

  • This is so cute! I love how it’s not overly beach-y, and the colors work so well with one another. Love the throw blanket!

  • Themed rooms can get cheesy but this is anything but– I love the prints, patterns and decor! Great job styling this (and not making it cheesy!)

    • Kait

      I totally agree with you on themed rooms – thank you for being so sweet!

  • amy

    Love your space!! Everything looks great and I’m obsessed with your pillows!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

    • Kait

      Thank you so much! I love the pillows best 🙂

  • Your bedroom look so cozy and I think I need that pillow with pom-pom in my room asap!

    Oby Grace

    • Kait

      You definitely do! 🙂

  • Teresa

    Your guest room looks absolutely beautiful. I love the tropical accents, especially that plant. I’ve been trying to add more greenery to my home.

  • I absolutely love those vintage Hawaiian surf maps! I can’t get enough of the vintage maps. I want to fill my office space with them 😀