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Man, this week sort of flew right past me! Anyone else? I won’t complain, because Easter weekend is here and I’m ready to soak up some much needed time with my other half. Our life has kind of been a whirlwind lately (a good whirlwind) but busy nonetheless. We have a lot of plans for relaxing and indulging in delicious Easter food! Anyone else doing the same?

Let’s get right to the highlights of the week, shall we?

1. I’m in the middle of fine tuning a really fun recipe with Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop. Let’s just say you’ll be wanting to eat dessert for every meal when it’s finally revealed! Come back next week for a full reveal 🙂

I’m turning this…

Angie's Boom Chicka Pop - 5 On Friday

Into this…

Salted Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream Pie - Communikait

2. Everyone has been in a total outrage about the United fiasco earlier this week. Rightfully so – the video that surfaced is despicable. But – we only saw one side of that story via that video, which is usually what tends to happen when videos go viral on the internet. First and foremost, the flight was United Express operated by Republic, which has been a highly underreported fact. Republic has contracts with all major carriers, so if you’re going to boycott United you might as well boycott the rest as well. It doesn’t negate the horrible behavior but United being smeared alone is equally unjust. So, when I read this response from a pilot’s wife, I couldn’t help but think she had some really valid points. The comment section alone will take you all morning to read, but focus on the article itself (if possible…there are some doozies in there).

3. My mom left on Monday night after a month long vacation here with me in Hawaii. To say my heart shattered into a million little pieces when I dropped her off at the airport would be an insane understatement. What is it about moms that is so wonderful? It’s safe to say that I appreciate her so much more as an adult than I ever did growing up, which is I guess kind of how it always goes. My mom was never the type to be my friend when I was younger. Her favorite tagline was “I’m not your friend, I’m your mom”. For whatever reason, that has always stuck with me and I respect so much about her, but her ability to be the absolute best parent to me growing up and grow into a built-in best friend for me now is remarkable. We did so many fun things while she was here, but just doing everyday things like going to the grocery store and working out made me the happiest. Have you called your mom lately? Go do it now.

Waikiki Floating - 5 On Friday

4. I am about 5 years late to every single trend there ever is – clothes, accessories, songs, design – all of it. Just called me #blessed. In any case, Dane and I finally had a chance to watch 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I have a lot of mixed feelings about how the series was filmed (the book is a must read), but I definitely think it is worth a watch. For those that aren’t too sure what it even is, you can read a pretty thorough synopsis (it includes spoilers!) here. And on another late to the trend topic, Ed Sheeran’s album, Divide, is everything. I mean truly – everything. Some of the songs recently popped up on my “Jack Johnson” Pandora station and I instantly fell in love. I mean, “Perfect” came on and it brought me to tears. I don’t cry over anything, but damn, Ed…YOU GOT ME! I promptly went over to my Spotify and downloaded the whole album. It’s fantastic! Sidetone: Spotify Premium is everything you never knew you needed and well worth the $10 monthly fee. Consider that my free PSA for the week, because Spotify has no clue who I am, but I love them.

5. A few weeks back I posted that I was in a severe dress dilemma for some events I’m going to next month. I decided that a college graduation at Brown for my brother-in-law and a wedding were two very different occasions so I would need two different dresses. It’s not ideal for traveling purposes, but it is what it is. So! Where I’m going with all of this is that I found a dress in my closet that I totally blanked on even owning. That says a lot about the kind of closet I keep, I know, because the occasion I had originally purchased it for ended up falling through so I really never even got to wear it! Admittedly, I wore it to a dinner about 2 years ago, but not to an event. Anyway…I’m pumped about it!

Rysa Ruth Dress - 5 On Friday

Totally preppy and 100% perfect for a Brown University graduation, am I right?

And I would be remiss in not sharing some of my favorite web reads this week…

Kelsey shared some amazing sales happening this week, so check them out!

These one piece swimsuits for under $100 give me hope that one day I will find the perfect one piece for me!

With all the event’s spring offers, Sarah’s hostess gift giving guide is so perfectly timed!

So tell me, how was your week? What was the highlight?

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  • Oh, love the dress! And I want to make/eat that popcorn thing NOW.

    • Kait

      Oh my goodness Anne, it was AMAZING! Dane had it and was like..okay you need to also make more flavors. It was like salty, sweet…everything I love in a good dessert! I’m posting the recipe next week!

  • Jen

    I really appreciated the perspective of the pilot’s wife about that United situation. She did have a lot of valid points. While what happened is awful something just seems off about it. Like you said there are two sides to every story.

    • Kait

      I did too! These people get their pants in a bunch and you know what..they will absolutely still fly United if the price is the lowest.

  • Oh 13 Reasons Why…I don’t think I have ever binge watched a show so fast. But I read the book when it first came out a while ago, so I had to see how it compared. I thought it was really good. And how great to find a dress in your own closet, I wish those things happened to me! LOL

    • Kait

      LOL! I wasn’t anticipating it at all but then..it sort of just appeared. I will take it! HAHA

  • Aww, glad your mom got to come for an extended stay, but I know how hard it is to say goodbye! Moms really are awesome! We live very close to my parents right now and I’m grateful for that.

    • Kait

      Color me jealous! I would love that! I hope your week is off to a great start 🙂