5 Reasons I Recommend Boudoir Photography

I’ll be honest, when I first heard the concept of boudoir photography, I was a bit skeptical. I had visions of trashy lingerie and dewy makeup with sky high heels. Yeah, I don’t know either..sometimes my mind runs wild. In any case, when a good friend of mine (who also happens to be an amazing photographer) was talking about it, my eyes kind of glazed over. …But then she showed me a styled shoot she did for a bride and I couldn’t stop gazing at the photos! I didn’t see nudity, I saw beauty…and then I couldn’t book my own session with her fast enough. Today I’m sharing 5 Reasons I Recommend Boudoir Photography.
5 Reasons I Recommend Boudoir Photography
With wedding season in full swing, there’s no better time to think about boudoir photos if you’re a bride-to-be. If you’re not…you should 100% still consider it. I was well past the bridal stage when I took the plunge on mine!

5 Reasons I Recommend Boudoir Photography

 I chose a beach theme with a full body sized lei made of fresh local flowers. It. Was. INCREDIBLE. And yes, it was a public beach (they all are in Hawaii), but we chose a really early morning and there wasn’t anyone around. I was really nervous leading up to my shoot, but as soon as things got rolling, I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having. And now? I think everyone should take the plunge if they’re interested!
1. You will feel good.
Not just “oh this is fun” type of good, but “I feel so beautiful” good. A type of beautiful you’ve never felt before and one that will make you proud to be in your own skin. I support any type of activity that promotes this feeling!
2. They make a great gift.
It’s trendy as a bride-to-be to give these gifts to your future husband (and I’m pretty sure most husbands would love it), but they can also be a gift for you! When you get the photos back and see yourself for the first time, you will feel so empowered, I promise!
3. You get pampered.
Booking a boudoir shoot is the first step, but prepping is the second! Going out to shop for what to wear, booking a hair appointment and getting your makeup done? Yes please!
4. You can “remember when”.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been talking to my grandma and her friends and they’ve said “You should have seen me back then! I was a real FOX!”. I can’t help but smile knowing that when I’m older, I will have my photos.
5. It builds self-esteem.
If you’ve read here for awhile, you know this is something I struggle with and sadly, I know I’m not alone. I think many of us struggle with self-love and I can honestly say that this shoot built me up. I specifically asked my photographer not to use editing software before she showed me the photos — I wanted to see raw and real. And you know what? Raw and real can sometimes be so, so good for the soul.
If you’ve been mulling over the idea of a boudoir session, I (obviously) highly recommend it. Be sure to pick a professional photographer that has done boudoir before and have fun with the entire process.
5 Reasons I Recommend Boudoir Photography - Communikait
Have you done a boudoir session?


  • Jen

    I have always thought about doing this but I have never really had the guts.

  • Something I've always thought about doing myself. I love boudoir style photo shoots!

  • I think they are totally fun! I have done two, and I really want to do another one now that I have had four kids. I remember my mom did one, and it was so beautiful. I think they are great keepsakes.

  • I've thought about them too but gosh finding the guts is the hard part!

  • I've totally been mulling it over.. I keep thinking, but my body is not exactly where I want it to be to do it… But your post may have just convinced me 🙂


    • Believe me, I didn't think my body was in a good place either (I've struggled with self-image my entire life) and I was astounded when the photos came back. I fully support every woman doing this!

  • I love boudoirs! I did one before our wedding with my photographers and wasn't racy one bit. It all depends on the photographer, mine did a fantastic job and I love how it turned out. I just booked an outdoor boudoir, which I'm a bit nervous about, but I like to push my boundaries. I'm doing it with Hailey Faria and her work is beautiful. So I totally agree with you, everyone needs to done.

    • I love Hailey Faria! A friend of mine had hers done by Hailey and there were just beautiful!

  • I've never done one. I worry I'd get the giggles. I normally do when I'm meant to be serious.

  • FUN! I've been wanting to do them! Maybe as an anniversary or birthday gift..

  • Almost all of my friends have done this! I have thought about it so many times but haven't taken the plunge yet!

  • Sounds like a blast. I may have to do this for fun…why not. Great to look back at.

  • Sounds like a blast. I may have to do this for fun…why not. Great to look back at.

  • I regret not doing them in Hawaii! Hopefully I’ll get around to them eventually!

    • Kait

      You 100% should! They made me feel SO pretty and empowered. I (obviously) cannot say enough good things!

  • I’m not sure I’m quite brave enough to do this, but looks like your shoot was quite beautiful and classy!