Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie

And we are BACK! Another Dressing Room Diaries post has arrived and this time I’m taking on Anthropologie. I’ll be honest really quick – I haven’t always had the best luck at Anthro – either nothing really catches my eye (clothing wise, of course — their home decor is ROCKING.) or it doesn’t fit quite right. But, I had spied some adorable jumpsuits floating around on several fashion bloggers and I just couldn’t stay away any longer. I needed to hit up that dressing room for myself!

If you’re new to Dressing Room Diaries, you can see all the fun here.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The real reason I started this whole Anthro escapade was for this jumpsuit. I saw it on Instagram and everyone was RAVING about it. I mean – rave reviews en mass are hard to come by, particularly on a jumpsuit (it’s love or hate), so I thought for sure I would be a smitten kitten. I tried it on in a 2 petite (short leg club for life).
Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie - CommuniKait

I have to admit, I wanted to cry. I was so disappointed and I had built this outfit up in my head so much and then on me – it looked like a vibrant flour sack. The legs were really wide which I would have been fine with if they were just slightly shorter. I don’t know – all of it just fell really flat for me and because I wasn’t head-over-heels, it stayed at the store.

Next up was this tank I randomly saw while I was en route back to the dressing room. I don’t typically spend a ton on what I would consider specialty tops like this one, but I loved the detailing on it and that it was slightly cropped without baring it all. I took back a size 2, regular (though it’s also offered in petite!).

Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie - CommuniKait

I was so shocked by how much I loved it! I had initially come to the store with rompers and jumpsuits on my mind and this top was such a pleasant surprise. I don’t have any boobs to speak of, so I really liked how this sort of  gives the illusion that I do! The shoulder tie strings definitely make this shirt on the more dainty or delicate side, so I know I’ll only be hand washing it. Otherwise, I think it’s the perfect summer top for BBQs, nights out with your girls or a date night. I took it home and plan to pair it with white jeans and wedges!

Up next was this eyelet off-the-shoulder romper that the woman assured me could be worn as both strapless and off-the-shoulder. I was a little skeptical, but I took it back anyhow. They only had a size 2, whereas I would have normally reached for a size 4 in a short romper (no camel toes, thanks). She assured me they ran big, so I took it back anyhow.
Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie - CommuniKait

Um, SHE WAS NOT KIDDING ABOUT IT BEING BIG! If I wasn’t holding it up in the photo, it would be down around my ankles. It was so big, I would recommend sizing down two sizes. I thought it was so cute and the detailing was summer perfection (I snapped an up close view below), but I can’t be walking around in things that don’t fit, so it stayed at the store.Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie - CommuniKait

In keeping with my off-the-shoulder trend, I reached for this dress that was the same color as my most loved, then hated jumpsuit above. It was a super soft texture, I loved the color and IT HAD POCKETS! Pockets in dresses are totally hit or miss (sometimes they make me look like I’ve got serious saddlebags), but they totally seemed like a winner in this case. The hem had a destroyed look (I like that), so I tried it on in a small, regular (my store didn’t have it in petite, but it is offered). Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie - CommuniKait Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie - CommuniKait

So the above photos don’t make it seem so bad, but take a look at this side shot. Yikes. I feel like it makes me look bigger than I really am. It’s the first off-the-shoulder dress that I’ve really like up top, but that tent-like mid section gave me major anxiety. Now I will say that this dress also comes in black and I do think that the color plays into the things I don’t love about it. So, had my store had black, I would have definitely taken this home!Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie - CommuniKait

Last up was another jumpsuit I had spied on Instagram. I don’t tend to go for yellow as it doesn’t always suit my skin tone, but I really liked the pattern on this, so I gave it a go anyhow. This one I grabbed in a 2 petite as well, but I had read reviews online to size down. Unfortunately for me, they didn’t have the size down for me in petite, but as you can see – this was a huge. Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie - CommuniKait

I would never, ever, ever call myself a size 0, but I could definitely have worn it in this particular case. The movement of this jumpsuit is amazing and the ruffle placement is super flattering. I think paired with my knockoff Joie sandals it would be perfect! If you’re considering ordering this, be sure to size down and take a peek at it in black – it’s adorable!Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie - CommuniKait Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie - CommuniKait

And there you have it! One shirt (plus 20% off my entire order), so I honestly wish I would have found more I loved! What was your favorite item? Anything I should have kept?


  • I love that top – everything about it is just so dang cute! Such a bummer you weren’t a fan of the others…and they didn’t have the sizes you needed!

  • Jen

    I love that tank! It’s super cute and versatile.

  • Always such a bummer when you have a bee in your bonnet (as my mother would say) about something and then it turns out to not be so great when you get over to the store… but that top is so great on you! What a fun statement piece, and super flattering. Even enhancing 🙂

    I always like the idea of getting a statement piece or two from Anthropologie to go with my usual basics, but I find it kind of overwhelming to go there. Too many wow things coming at me at once, I guess. So it’s fun to see what you picked out to try on!

    • Kait

      I love the phrase bee in my bonnet – because that’s exactly how I felt! I couldn’t get them off my mind and then when I finally did go – it was just so MEH. Boo to that! Yes the top is totally enhancing which is a real boost for my self esteem up top LOL

  • You know I love these posts! I 100% agree with what you kept and put back on the racks. I have tried a few jumpsuits and off the shoulder dresses, and I just do not find them flattering. That shirt looks dynamite on you and will look so cute paired with white pants! Hope you’re having the best vacation up north. Enjoy the family time! <3 <3

    • Kait

      I know you do! They have become so fun for me to write as well, because I know it brings other people enjoyment. I’m sad the jumpsuits didn’t work out 🙁 Some others have suggested getting them tailored, but I didn’t have time for all of that right before the trip! 🙁

  • I love all of these but yeah, short girl probz they wouldn’t have looked good on me. Haha so cute though!

    • Kait

      I’m thinking with a good tailor they would work, but I was getting ready to leave for our trip and had no time – BOO!

  • That yellow jumpsuit! Get it and get it tailored. You need it.

    • Kait

      LOL! My mom asked if it was maternity so…I am passing for now. I hate when I love something so much in my head and then it falls flat on my body. Look up @loverlygrey on Instagram – she has the perfect jumpsuit figure!