Dressing Room Diaries: Target

Ohhh, you know I love me some dressing room diaries! I ventured out to Target last weekend when they were offering some good Cartwheel deals I knew I couldn’t live without. Of course I had to stroll through the clothing section to see if anything struck my fancy. OF COURSE IT DID, FOLKS!
Let’s get on with it.

P.S. If you are new to dressing room diaries, you can see previous posts here. Spoiler alert: They are my favorite posts to write!

Okay so, remember the swimsuit guide I put together for Target’s 2017 Swimwear collection? Well shortly after that went live, I found a few suits that I immediately fell in love with, all from the Tori Praver for Target line. Tori Praver makes a line of swimsuits outside of Target, but I am not made of money, so the Target collection suits me (ha!) just fine. In any case, I love this collection, because the suits have double linings, offer sportier styles and just overall fit my body type. I will say that I am wearing a large in both top and  bottom in the below photos, but I tend to throw sizing charts out the window when it comes to swimwear. When my mom was here, I picked up this suit, so when I saw the other patterns, I knew I wanted to try them on too!

Top | Bottom
Dressing Room Diaries: Target, Summer 2017 - Communikait

Top is this style, but the print appears to be out of stock. In any case, I have a pair of navy blue bottoms already, so I wanted to try this top on to see what I thought. Ultimately, I took home the full suit up above and left this top at the store. I just looked online though and it looks like they just released a whole bunch of new styles and colors. Could be dangerous for my wallet!

Dressing Room Diaries: Target, Summer 2017 - Communikait

Now on to real clothes. Let’s start with this Tie Front Denim Romper. On the hanger is was ADORABLE. You can barely tell in this photo, but right below the bow was a little peek-a-boo cutout a la Mara Hoffman’s signature cut. It was probably one of my favorite things that I took back to try on. Sadly, it’s all sorts of wrong on me – hello camel toe! I’m going to chalk it up to my extra long torso, but I definitely left this one at the store. For reference, I am wearing a size medium. They didn’t have a large, but the medium was already gapping at the top from my lack of bosom, so it’s just as well.
Dressing Room Diaries: Target, Summer 2017 - Communikait

Okay so I actually grabbed this dress on a whim, because I LOVED the colors. It’s the Merona Crochet Maxi Dress in Purple Print. I’ll be honest – I was a little bummed when I realized it was a crochet top. I don’t normally gravitate toward styles like that, because I have this idea in my head that it will be itchy and hot. But, I was too lazy to walk it back to the rack once I discovered that tidbit, so I brought it into the dressing room anyway. I was BLOWN AWAY by how much I liked this style. The bonus for me is that the crocheted top provides enough padding and coverage that no bra is needed! #happydanceDressing Room Diaries: Target, Summer 2017 - Communikait

I loved that the maxi was a flattering cut (not super baggy or bulky like they sometimes can be), but despite all this…tons of room to move! As you can see, I really loved it. I have no idea what was wrong with me that day, but I didn’t take it home. I think I was afraid I loved it in that moment, but wouldn’t once I got home…or something like that. But the more I look at these photos and all the events I have coming up this summer, the more I realize I should snatch one up. Thoughts? For reference, I am wearing a size small. Dressing Room Diaries: Target, Summer 2017 - Communikait

Next up was this Drop Waist Dress in Dark Grey which I was positively smitten with on the hanger. Here’s the problem…it fit really well up top, hid my stomach which I’m self conscious about and came to a respectable length on my legs, but the ruffle at the bottom has a very odd stitching in it. It kept bunching up and when I tried to sit down (always the true test) it rode up to the top hem exposing things that didn’t need to be seen! I was so sad, because I loved how soft this was, the color is perfect for day to night versatility and the price is terrific. It stayed at the store, but I would recommend it for someone who is shorter than I am, because it’s definitely a true-to-fit style. For reference, I am 5’4″ and wearing a size small.
Dressing Room Diaries: Target, Summer 2017 - Communikait

So I know this next one looks all sorts of bad on me, but I think I was just feeling so defeated from the grey one above that I couldn’t force myself into making a nicer face. I apologize. The reality of this dress is that if you even have SLIGHTLY longer legs than I do, this is going to look good on you. It hit my leg at a bad angle and made me appear….dumpy. BUT! There was a woman in the room next to me who put it on and looked like Christie Brinkley, so…you just need to try it on! It’s the Sharkbite Knit Tank Dress in Olive Green and it is SO SOFT. Like, baby’s bottom soft. That’s half the reason I wanted it to look so good, because I felt like it would be a versatile work style with a jean jacket or a casual dress for a night out. It was neither for me and it stayed at the store 🙁 For reference, I’m wearing a size small.

Dressing Room Diaries: Target, Summer 2017 - Communikait

So in all, the only thing I took home was the swimsuit (and I’m considering going back for the dress!). What do you think? Good choices?


  • Dang, I hate it when cute on the hanger does not turn out to equal cute on my own body. But what a fun find in the maxi dress – sometimes totally worth trying on things that you’re not sure are quite for you! And thanks for the tip on that line of suits. I don’t usually go for more athletic looks, but with running around with a kid at the beach, my requirements for a bikini top have definitely changed. I love that first one – looks like it would stay in place and give decent coverage, but also give me a little more of a nice tan. I have a couple of the high-neck ones now which I think are fab for all of the above, except that it leave me so darn pale on the chest!

    • Kait

      ME TOO! Honestly, I think you and I have somewhat similar builds so you would really like these Tori Praver suits. They are cute and athletic without being, like you said, too covering or restrictive. They are cute to boot and come in a couple different patterns and styles. Definitely check them out. I felt confident moving around (even doing some jumping for photos..LOL) without fear of being exposed.

  • Jen

    I love that suit so much, the print and color are awesome. I just have to say that you rock these dressing room posts!

    • Kait

      Thank you friend! They are some of my favorites to put together, because everyone can seem to relate to trying things on in a dressing room and wishing they had a friend to ask “does this look normal?! or bad?!” 🙂 Have a fab weekend!