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Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a nice, relaxing weekend! I spent a lot of time being lazy with the dogs, cleaning the house, writing/editing and taking a trip to the beach. Dane was away for work all weekend which was a major bummer, but I feel like I got a ton done and was happy to welcome him home Sunday night with a week’s worth of meal plans and a clean house.

Life Lately + Best Of The Internet - Communikait

I also had a major phone malfunction on Friday and my old, old iPhone finally bit the dust. I got that phone right after Dane and I got married, so by Apple phone standards, it was practically ancient. Sadly, due to its demise I wasn’t able to salvage anything that hadn’t backed up to the cloud.  Admittedly, I went all day Saturday without the use of a phone and it kind of felt freeing! I feel so fancy with this giant new phone and it kind of has a learning curve all its own, but it was an absolute must after the non-responsive screen I was dealing with previously. Hello, lover! Sunday I made a sweet potato enchilada skillet that was SO delicious, plus some homemade enchilada sauce that was shockingly easy. Thank you, Pinterest! P.S. Are we following each other there?

Life Lately + Best Of The Internet - Communikait

Alright, now on to some internet must reads…

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How was your weekend? Big plans for the week?


  • Hahhaha I was seriously LOLing at your Instastories of the dogs!!

    • Kait

      They are crazy! But I’m glad someone else got some laughter too 😉

  • I can’t get enough of dinner bowls lately! Checking those out!

    • Kait

      Then you would never go hungry at our house because we literally have a bowl of something every single night! LOL

  • Ohhh I wish I could go to the Museum of Ice Cream. It looks like such a happy place. I guess I’ll just do the next best thing and eat some (more)…

    And I finally managed to sit down and meal plan for the week, and I’m feeling so accomplished. Now I actually have to cook the stuff though, so we’ll see how accomplished this actually turns out to be – ha!

    • Kait

      I agree! As soon as I saw Andrea’s photos I was like ohh, I need that in my life. Meal planning is equal parts prep and execution, because what I decide I’m having on Sunday for the entire week doesn’t always sound so appetizing come Friday. I intentionally pick a day “off” where we go out to eat, so that I have a fun meal tossed in there, which makes the rest of it all seem a little more tolerable.

  • Jen

    It’s always a bummer when the other half is gone on the weekends, but it is amazing how much you can accomplish. I feel that way any time Kyle is gone for work.

    • Kait

      I agree! But starting the week so prepared has me feeling so confident. More work trips, LOL!

  • Sounds like a productive weekend. I am loving the May bucket list post. Jess at Just Jess

    • Kait

      Yes! I love her bucket lists every month – they inspire me to get out and get going!