Three Things Survey

Earlier this week Erica posted the Three Things Survey and welcomed anyone to copy her list and create their own. Well, here I am!

Three Things Survey - Kait Hanson - CommuniKait

I thought this was a fun way to get to know me a little bit more, but if you disagree then, well..I’m sorry! HA!

Without further ado, my three things survey…

Three things I’d never give up
Weekly manicures and pedicures (I don’t go for massages or hair cuts, so I justify this!), my Spotify subscription, coffee

Three favorite vegetables
Cauliflower, Spicy Broccoli & Brussel Sprouts

Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end
Sex & The City, Revenge, I’m struggling to think of any other shows?! I’m kind of lame and don’t watch a lot of TV shows

Three places I want to visit inside the US
Palm Springs, Mt. Rushmore, Grand Canyon

Three places I want to visit outside the US
Greece, Bora Bora, Panama, Cuba, South Africa….really, I could keep this list going for YEARS. So naming just 3 was impossible 😉

Three things I always have with me
iPhone, Hair tie, Hydroflask full of ice water with lemon or peppermint essential oil

Three things that are always in my car
Gum, receipts for things I’m not sure if I want to return or not, sneakers

Three most recent calls were from/to:
My mom, Dane, our veterinarian

Three most often used makeup products
Mascara, chapstick and dry shampoo (does that count as makeup? HA! My favorites here and here.)

Three things that make me laugh
Seeing how happy the dogs are when Dane comes home, the video on Facebook where the girl uses a Sharpie to make her sister a zebra, my girlfriends from college

Three things that make me cry
Seeing animals get hurt or abused, saying goodbye to friends or family when they leave Hawaii and then coming home to my empty house, watching military homecoming videos

And in an effort not to end on such a sad note (sorry about that!), here is one of my favorite “life lately” shots from my iPhone, featuring a beautiful sunset 🙂

Three Things Survey - Kait Hanson - CommuniKait


  • I love that picture of you! And that sunset is GORGEOUS.

    • Kait

      You are so sweet, thank you!

  • Jen

    I swear YouTube is a black hole for me especially when it comes to military homecoming videos! I keep watching them one after another.

    • Kait

      YES! I have to cut myself off!

  • Holy moly, that’s from your iPhone? Sheesh! Gorgeous! I’m so late to the Spotify party. I just started my 30-day trial a couple weeks ago! Animal stuff wrecks me as well. Loved that you participated in this!

    • Kait

      Thank YOU for the inspiration!! 🙂

  • Well this is super fun – totally bookmarking for future copying 🙂 And I love the receipts for things you don’t know if you want to keep response – that’s totally me too. Gotta leave the options open!

    • Kait

      Yes! Exactly! And as soon as I throw one away, it never fails, I want to return whatever was on there!

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