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Whew – this week has kind of been a doozy. I had high hopes on Monday, but all of that came crashing down on Tuesday and just kind of snowballed from there. Needless to say I’m welcoming this weekend like…HI, HELLO, LET ME KISS YOU! Anyone else feeling the same way? This week just went on for freaking EVER. More time with this guy on the horizon, please and thank you!

5 On Friday - CommuniKait

1. Last weekend, Dane and I had the pleasure of heading into Waikiki with some friends to join in on a sunset picnic. When I first started blogging, he would be like..wait, who are these people? How do you know them? And I would be like…oh, I met them through my blog/Instagram/Facebook/etc. and he would kind of roll his eyes at me. Because I’ve met some of the sweetest people I know this way, now he’s just kind of like…okay, this might be pretty cool. You can read all about our picnic here, but it was beautiful – not to mention fun! These fellow bloggers sure do know how to throw down and their husbands are all equally delightful. Let’s do it again soon, okay?!

5 On Friday - CommuniKait

5 On Friday - CommuniKait

2. I was shocked that so many of you felt the same way I do about wearing shorts! It was like a breath of fresh air hearing that all of you (with all different body types) also struggled. And of course, I hate that we all feel like we are struggling, but it was good knowing that even if my legs were longer/less muscular I might still be in a bind! If you missed my post on the perfect pairs of summer shorts, be sure to check it out!

My Favorite Summer Shorts - the pairs I reach for every single time, plus sizing information! - CommuniKait

3. I also met another Instagram-turned-real-life friend this week, Kate, for coffee. She is an adventurous, smart, beautiful gal that has been an “internet only” friend for a few years now and we finally got our schedules aligned to grab some brew. It was so refreshing to get together and chat like old friends. We were instantly laughing as we talked about the weird nuances of Army life, living in Hawaii and our mutual love of dogs and athletic apparel. I am kicking myself for not getting together with her sooner, because it totally made my day!

4. Our house was clean for 5 minutes earlier this week and I happened to be snapping some blog photos, so I quickly got one of our dining area. Is it me or is there something wildly appealing about everything being clean and put together? It just brings such a feeling of content. Don’t worry, quickly after this was snapped, the dogs started doing zoomies, fur and chairs went flying and it was back to our normal 9-5 chaos 😉

5 On Friday - CommuniKait

5. I need some hair advice. If you haven’t noticed, my hair is about as long as Rapunzel’s right now. I mean, even when I barrel curl it, it’s still well past my chest so just trust me when I tell you that it’s LONG. And it’s hot here. Like, really freaking hot. But I have to be honest – the last time I chopped 15 inches off, I cried for weeks and weeks about it. My pony tail was super tiny and the styling options seemed dismal at best. So, what’s a girl to do? And also – are highlights still a thing? I want to switch things up, but I’ve literally been walking around in circles about it for months now. I keep saying “after XYZ event I’ll figure something out”, but so far all those events have come and gone and I’m still here like…BUT MY HAIR…! So tell me…what should I do?!

How was your week and what are your weekend plans? Have you ever met people on the internet? And..what should I do with my hair?

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June 26, 2017


  • Lauren

    Girl my hair is longer than rapunzel right now, it’s outta control. BUT, I’ve grown it out on purpose so I can donate it! You should look into that – yours is longer than mine, and the program is use is Pantene Beautiful Lengths – only 8″ ! I’ll be chopping mine probably in the next few weeks

    • Kait

      Oh how fun! I tried to donate it last time and they told me it was too damaged after all the sun/salt water exposure, but maybe this time will be different! Thanks for the good reminder 🙂

  • I love that swim suit in the first picture!!! And on the hair front I say cut it! I am always one to go for a drastic change, but I think a few inches off, and a subtle golden balayage would be so beautiful, and still semi low maintenance!!

    • Kait

      I’m thinking I can do one or the other but nothing too drastic because…tears. Dramatic? And Tori Praver for the suit – the fit is awesome for gals with more athletic body shapes!

  • Jen

    I’m feeling the same way about my hair. I have an appointment next week to have something done to it and I’ve yet to decide what that is. I need to cut it shorter because E is quite grabby with it lol but then I will miss the ponytail abilities.

    • Kait

      It’s funny you say that because we were having dinner last night with our friends and their 8 month old and all she did was kept pulling my hair and I was like OH WOW, HI, HELLO! That hurts! haha

  • Such a fun happy hour on the beach- let’s absolutely do it again!! Have a great weekend!

    • Kait

      Why limit happy to just one hour, ya know?! 😉 Cheers to the weekend, pretty lady!

  • I love your rug, table, and chairs! So cute. Looks like you had a blast on your trip, I’m jealous! I went short and blonde for the summer and so far I have 0 regrets.

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

    • Kait

      Thank you so much! Wayfair for the rug, Wayfair + Amazon for the chairs, IKEA for the table! I need to explore more hair options!

  • I liked the thought of donating your hair to Beautiful Lengths which is pretty cool. I was also going to suggest long layers, so that even though you are getting a haircut it won’t feel so dramatic!

    • Kait

      Oh long layers! I like that idea! Another friend suggested the same with a little bit of a color treatment – I’m feeling optimistic and inspired!