Dressing Room Diaries: J. Crew Summer 2017

I’m back with another Dressing Room Diaries post and this time – I’m full steam ahead at J.Crew! As soon as I saw their summer collection debut online, I knew I had to hit the store to try on a couple of the things that caught my eye immediately. Here’s a fun fact: Our J.Crew here in Hawaii gets all the same stuff that J. Crew’s around the country get, so when you’re seeing wool coats in stores – so am I. Yeah – I know – SUPER ANNOYING! So don’t fret, I didn’t have access to their summer clothes before anyone else 😉

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Now on with the J.Crew Summer 2017 dressing room show!

First up was the linen tank and harbor print shorts. I have been on the hunt for the perfect linen tank for a long time, so when I saw the assortment J. Crew was throwing down (and all the color choices – I didn’t even think twice!). Despite what my face says I love how they fit and I feel like with the proper bra they are my new summer go-to. It fits true to size (I’m wearing a small) and I purchased it in 4 colors! #win

Dressing Room Diaries: J. Crew Summer 2017 - CommuniKait

Now let’s talk about the shorts. They’re freaking adorable the print reminds me so much of my beloved Royal Hawaiian Hotel, but alas – the fit was really bad on me. I’m not sure what exactly was going on, but I’m wearing a size 6 and they still look pretty bad. They come up high, which is normally a win in my book, but the inseam is very tiny and they were really riding up my butt! It’s a shame, but these stayed at the store. I will say that I think anyone who does not share my muscular legs may find these exceptionally attractive – it’s worth a try, because they are super cute.Dressing Room Diaries: J. Crew Summer 2017 - CommuniKait

Next up I tried on the ruffled shorts in seersucker. As soon as I saw them on the rack, I loved them, but they sort of fell flat on my body. They flared out in the back and kind of made me look bigger than I am, which is always a huge red flag for me. I loved the deep pockets, the ruffle trim and the fact that they didn’t feel like I was wearing a pair of booty shorts, but the soggy diaper look is not a good one on grown adults! I’m wearing a size 4 (they didn’t have a 2) and they stayed at the store.Dressing Room Diaries: J. Crew Summer 2017 - CommuniKait

How cute is this trim?! Such a sad day for me!Dressing Room Diaries: J. Crew Summer 2017 - CommuniKait

Next up were the seaside pants that everyone is talking about and sporting this season. I don’t have long, pretty legs so I enjoy a good summer style pant. These seaside pants do not disappoint! In fact, they come in four colors and I love every single one. The fit is great (I’m wearing a size 4) and they are comfy, but feel put together. Does that make sense?Dressing Room Diaries: J. Crew Summer 2017 - CommuniKait

I also tried on the same ones in a pineapple print. I knew as soon as I put on the pineapple pair that my mind was made up – they were coming home with me! In this photo, I’m wearing a size 2, but I ended up buying a size 4, because the last thing I ever want in white pants is something that is too tight. Ya feel me? So I sized up a little bit to account for any potentially unflattering tightness. Dressing Room Diaries: J. Crew Summer 2017 - CommuniKait

These pictures really don’t do them justice, because the colors are so vibrant and perfect! They have already become my favorite pants – super comfortable and pretty flattering considering they feel like I’m wearing pajamas!Dressing Room Diaries: J. Crew Summer 2017 - CommuniKait

In addition to all the things I tried on at the store, I also placed a sizable online order (the amazing summer sales always get me!) so maybe I will do an at-home try on of all those items. Thoughts?!

Happy shopping, everyone!

June 16, 2017


  • I LOVE those lavender pants and seersucker shorts! I want them for myself! SO CUTE! I seriously think I would wear both of them constantly.

    • Kait

      I was so on the fence about buying two pairs of these pants, but ultimately just bought the pineapples. i LOVE that purple though! I wish I had a big booty, because then I feel like I might have filled out those shorts a little better 🙁

  • Bummer about those seersucker shorts! They looked so cute in the pic! —and I might buy those pineapple pants now lol

    • Kait

      The pineapple pants are amazing and 100% like wearing pajama pants. I highly recommend 🙂

  • Jen

    It’s so frustrating when you love a print so much but the cut just doesn’t work on your body type. That happens to me all the time.

    • Kait

      YES! That’s exactly how I felt about those seersucker shorts. I wanted to love them so badly but my body was just like..no, Kait… LOL!

  • These posts are my favorite! I feel your pain with the shorts..I feel like that’s been happening a lot lately with adorable things I find that are just a no once they’re actually on me.

    • Kait

      Doesn’t that make you so sad?! I wanted those seersucker shorts to work so badly and alas – no way!

  • Amber

    Me and Colleen look at ur blog almost every other day. But I know we at least once a week look at the clothing blog over and over again. She loves dress and cloths. So I know this is right up her alley. She says hey!