My Favorite Bed, Bath + Beyond Buys, Plus Secrets For Shopping!

Is it just me or when you think of Bed, Bath & Beyond, you think about moving into college? I think the summer before my freshman year at Penn State, my mom and I easily kept the company in business! It was like I was redecorating a new  home, when in reality I was furnishing something the size of a cubicle. HA!

My Favorite Bed, Bath + Beyond Buys, Plus Secrets For Shopping!

Flash forward to now and Bed, Bath & Beyond is one of my favorite spots. I talked about it before in my where to shop for affordable home decor post, but let’s talk details.

For one – coupons all the time! I’ve literally never seen a company give as many coupons as they do and they’re always really good ones too! 20% off or $5-10 off – none of this 10% off business like other stores! Plus – those blue and white coupons you get from them in the mail never actually expire. Yes I realize that they have a posted expiration date, but you can still use them in store!

Second – their customer service is amazing. We often use them for buying gifts for friends’ weddings (it seems like a lot of our friends register there) and we’ve had a snafu or two about things not arriving in one piece. Their customer service department goes out of their way to make it right. I don’t know about you, but manners and customer service are practically non-existent today, so when a company does a really good job with it, I feel compelled to share.

Third – in store, they will price match anything Amazon stocks that isn’t sold my a third party vendor. Sometimes this is an amazing hidden gem of a resource!

Anyway – some of you may have the very distinct impression that Bed, Bath & Beyond really doesn’t have anything you might need since you’ve got dishes, sheets and silverware. This is where I say – I’m about to blow your mind. Considering it’s one of only a few big box style stores here on Oahu, I frequent it to see what might be new and exciting.

Let’s get to all my favorites, shall we?

K Cups – For everyday use, we use our refillable KCup pods, because they’re much more environmentally friendly, but when we know we are going to have company in town, the disposable KCups are just plain easier.

Bag Balm – Have you ever used this stuff? It’s amazing for cuticles,toes and other areas that tend to be harder to keep moisturized!

My Favorite Bed, Bath + Beyond Buys, Plus Secrets For Shopping!

Grilling Tools – So many options to choose from and much cheaper than I’ve seen at Target, Walmart and Home Depot!

Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Home Line – I was absolutely shocked to discover I could get a little taste of Waco outside of “The Silos” at BB&B! Am I alone here?!

Pillows – My absolute favorite pillows ever made come from here + the 20% off coupons make the deal even sweeter!

Bar Keeper’s Friend – If you’ve never heard of this cleaning product before, prepare to have your mind blown with cleaning power. The Cleanser + Polish is my go-to for stuck on stains (my cooktop, bathtub, grout and more!).

Shower Curtains – Call me crazy, but they have the best selection of neutral curtains that LAST. The key word here is last. I’ve purchased other shower curtains at Target that look the exact same, but are threadbare in a year or less – insane! The Escondido is my favorite and we have it in both white and grey.

My Favorite Bed, Bath + Beyond Buys, Plus Secrets For Shopping!

I know these seem like such a random assortment of things to buy, but between the coupons and the price matching – you cannot beat the deals! Trust me on this one.

Do you shop at Bed, Bath + Beyond? What is the best thing you’ve ever gotten there?

June 26, 2017
June 29, 2017