Four Summer Skin Hazards You Can Easily Avoid

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With a holiday weekend upon us in just a few short weeks, it’s safe to say that many people will be floating, swimming, splashing and adventuring outdoors to celebrate this beautiful country. The 4th of July is a great time to spend time with family and friends eating, drinking and celebrating all that we have to be thankful for as Americans. You want to know what else the Fourth of July can be? A major skin hazard. Smack dab in the middle of the summer, the Fourth can often bring burns, bites and more. I’m here today to talk about four skin hazards to be cautious of this summer!
Let’s start with what might seem the obvious — burns. ‘Tis the season for endless beach days and bikinis and with that comes endless exposure to the sun. Making sure you are protected whether you are climbing a mountain or catching some rays is SO IMPORTANT. For ultimate protection it’s important to use sunscreen (reef safe if possible!) and to reapply, reapply, reapply! Did you hear me – YOU NEED TO REAPPLY! If you plan to spend the holiday weekend outdoors, stocking up on SPF is a MUST!
Four Summer Skin Hazards You Can Easily Avoid - The Dry Skin Challenge - CommuniKait
I’ll be totally honest with you, sometimes even the best sunscreen application leaves patches of sunburn. I’m human, too, and as much as I try my best — these things happen! To keep my skin as moisturized as possible, I have been using  Curél® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER. I apply to wet skin after my showers, since the moisturizer is activated by water, and smooth it on. The formula isn’t greasy at all and by the time I figure out what I’m wearing for the day, it’s dry and I’m good to go. Nothing I don’t love about that!
Four Summer Skin Hazards You Can Easily Avoid - The Dry Skin Challenge - CommuniKait
I began using it in April when I started my Dry Skin Challenge and so far – I’m pretty blown away by the results. I am almost three full months in and I have seen a total difference in my skin, particularly my feet and hands. I know these seems like a weird place to notice a difference, but it’s true. I talked before about my how my cuticles have been impacted in my second Dry Skin Challenge post. As far as my feet, my ankles tend to get extremely dry and flaky, as do my heels. I got a pedicure shortly after I began using Curél®’s HydraTherapy formula and since I’ve been using it regularly – no sign of flakes! It’s a winning formula for me and one I will continue to incorporate into my beauty routine regardless of season.
Is it just me or do mosquitoes make a beeline for your body as soon as you step outside? Maybe it’s just me, but if I’m not covered in bug spray before I leave the house for any sort of outdoor adventure, I will surely be covered in itchy bumps by the time I come home. Burt’s Bees makes a terrific all-natural repellent and Green Bug makes a product that’s safe around pets and babies! To avoid getting bit like crazy every time you are hanging around in your own yard, remove any forms of standing water. Pesky mosquitoes like to hang out here and lay their eggs — gross!
Four Summer Skin Hazards You Can Easily Avoid - The Dry Skin Challenge - CommuniKait
 Spending lots of time outdoors in the beautiful sunshine can be awesome, but it’s important to be prepared in order to avoid sun blisters from a terrible burn or heat rash from extended exposure. Summer is also a prime time for rashes to pop up on your body from clogged pores and sweat. To avoid these annoying ailments, change your clothes after a sweaty workout (don’t sit around in them, run errands in them, etc. – I AM GUILTY OF THIS MAJORLY AND NEED TO WORK ON IT!) and bring a cover-up for extended beach or pool hours. If you do happen to suffer from a heat rash this summer, sprinkle powder containing cornstarch on it to help soothe your skin.
 Four Summer Skin Hazards You Can Easily Avoid - The Dry Skin Challenge - CommuniKait
Whether you are hiking or enjoying a day at the beach or pool this summer, skin protection is essential!
Four Summer Skin Hazards You Can Easily Avoid - The Dry Skin Challenge - CommuniKait
What are your tried-and-true ways to protect your skin?
June 14, 2017