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Woooo – life lately…it’s been awhile since I tackled one of these posts, huh? I get so caught up in talking about all the other kinds of posts that I want to write about that I forget some of you (or maybe none, ha!) might actually care about what goes on in our day-to-day.

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Planning: Our trip to Bali later this summer! We have a few other trips on the horizon this year (let’s just say it’s going to be a WILD fall), but Bali comes first, so I’ve got Nalu Bowls, monkey forests, the Rock Bar and The Viceroy on my brain. If you’ve been, I would love, love, love recommendations!

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Wishing: I wasn’t in such a funk! You know how sometimes life is sailing high and then all of a sudden – nothing is fun and it’s all looking bleak. I AM FREAKING THERE! That’s not to say there isn’t anything good happening (there totally is), I’m just in a weird ebb of life, I think. We are dealing with some unexpected life bullshit and I think just overall it has made me irrationally agitated. Tell me I’m not alone in this weird state?! Here’s hoping a good dose of vitamin sea and the holiday weekend will snap me right out of it…

Reading: I started this year in such a high note in the reading department and then I fell off the wagon completely! In an effort to hop back on, I re-read Tuesdays With Morrie (thanks Blogging For Books!) and I loved it. That book is awesome if you’ve never read it before and inspires me to want to be a better person. I just finished Filthy Rich, which really just made me rage against wealthy people and how disgustingly powerful money can be! I started All The Missing Girls, but I can’t seem to get into it. Any others struggle with this one?

Watching: Last weekend we finished The Handmaid’s Tale and whoa – that series was such a mind f*ck. I read the book a LONG time ago and recommend it 100%! We also watched the Netflix original movie “You Get Me” and it was surprisingly really good. Dane and I likened it to the modern day “Swimfan”, so it was equal parts thrilling and creepy. I would recommend it all the way, as well as the other Netflix original “War Machine” – both kept us tuned in!

Eating: We’ve been trying out a lot of new plant-based recipes, but these Beach Buddha Bowls are our favorites recently BY FAR! Not only are they really easy, even carnivores like my husband devour it without even wondering where the meat may be. We omit the kale, add sautéed onions and swap in quinoa for the rice, but oh my sweet goodness it is SO GOOD! Don’t forget the sauce – it makes the whole bowl come together.

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Listening: Lots and lots of James Taylor, John Mayer, Dave Matthews and Jimmy Buffett! It seems like a weird combination, but there’s something a bit summery about the compilation of them all in one rocking playlist. I am also all about Pandora’s “Thumbprint Radio” feature right now that plays a lot of the songs you love by tracking your interests over time. They’ve been pretty spot on! I’m also counting down to November, when we get to take a little trip to Margaritavilla to see Jimmy Buffett live here in Hawaii–EEK! #

Wearing: I haven’t taken these pants off since I got them. Yes, it’s been insanely hot here in Hawaii lately, but they are so comfortable, flattering and each and every time I wear them, people are like HEYYYY – WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?! I love that I feel like I’m wearing pajama pants outside the house and better yet – it’s acceptable! LOL! I usually pair it with a plain colored tank (out to eat) or tee (at school) and some comfortable sandals.

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What’s new with you? Anything I need to read or watch? What’s your favorite summer outfit?


  • That picture of Billy & Judy deserves to be framed in a frequented area of the house. Ha! I looooove it! Regarding feeling in a blah state, I totally get you. Who doesn’t? Family stuff can throw me into a funk like nothing else. We dealt with a good bit of junk back in February-ish and man, it was hard to deal and made me feel like I was constantly out of whack. That’s life… ebbs and flows. You have so much to look forward to, which will break up a ton of monotony!

  • Jen

    Your trip to Bali sounds absolutely incredible. Any time we have even thought about planning a trip the Army says that’s nice haha. Maybe next year for our 10 year anniversary we can swing something.

  • I can’t wait to see your Bali photos. It’s super high up on my list!!! Also, that mix of music is right up my alley so I don’t think it’s a weird combo at all.