3 Easy Ways To Update Your Bathroom

It’s been over six months since we bought our home here in Hawaii, but it’s taken me that long to get things situated. I don’t know if its because I own these walls or what, but I was so hesitant to do any firm decorating (nails, shelves, etc) without being 100% in love with the design first. I know – weird. But, after our feature on Apartment Therapy, I wanted to sort of give a look “inside” the photos, if that makes sense! So today, I’m tackling 3 easy ways we updated our bathroom.

Hawaii Bathroom Details - Hawaiian Eye Chart - Gold Frame - Glass Jar Decor - Pineapple Candle - Hawaiian Home Feature on Apartment Therapy - CommuniKait

When we bought our house, the guest bathroom was dismal at best. It lacked character and it was almost as if the previous owners had just plopped a toilet down and cemented it where it landed. Truly! There isn’t equidistance between the vanity and the tub, which drives me INSANE, so standard above-the-toilet shelving or those hutch type set-ups were immediately out of the question. With a few simple changes, we gave the tiny bathroom a whole new look and feel – one that I love much more! Is it weird to say you love a bathroom? Ha! Anyway, let’s talk about what we did.

3 Ways To Update Your Bathroom - Home Style - Interior Design - Hawaiian Home - DIY - Guest Bathroom - Communikait

1. Paint.

First things first, the walls had a builder grade white paint on them, which would be fine, but I wanted to warm it up a little bit – it seemed so sterile! I chose Benjamin Moore’s Stone Hearth, because it is the perfect “greige” tone and plays so well with natural light. It’s definitely a color, but not overwhelming or too dark.

2. Shelves.

My friend Laura owns a furniture design and refurbishing company, so when I saw a concept for floating shelves, I sent her a text to see what she thought. Less than 24 hours later, she had drawn up some custom plans, taken measurements and the rest was history. A few days later she was in my bathroom installing them and I could not be happier with how they turned out! I chose thicker shelves in an even width apart for a clean look that didn’t seem cluttered or bulky, but still allowed me to decorate a little bit!

3. Details.

I know that sometimes decorating the guest bathroom can be weird – Photos? Candles? What do you even put in there?! I personally find it a little unnerving when I go into a bathroom and see photos of people, so I avoided that entirely and used some Tiny Mighty Frames from my DIY Instagram Wall and framed some of our favorite beaches here on Oahu. I ordered a whimsical pennant, BEACH sign and pineapple candle from Waiting On Martha and added a rustic bath towel hook from Target. The Hawaiian Eye Chart was a cool print we picked up on our most recent trip to Maui and hadn’t found a place for yet.

Bathroom Details - Take It Easy Pennant - Instagram Frames - Blue and White Towels - Hawaiian Home Feature on Apartment Therapy - CommuniKait

Fun idea: Find ways to incorporate necessities into your decor in unlikely ways. The glass jar was collecting dust in our garage and serves as a great way to store travel toiletry bottles for guests and the blue jar holds cotton balls 🙂

What are your tips and tricks for turning a room around on a budget?

August 4, 2017



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    August 3, 2017

    Little details like this can make all of the difference!!! Our bathroom is an awkward layout so we have very little wall space. I may have to look into the shelves.

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      August 3, 2017

      Our last bathroom was the same way – awkward. Shelves definitely make a big difference – I love them!

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    August 3, 2017

    the hawaiian eye chart is so cute! xo jillian – cornflake dreams