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Woo-eee, it’s been a WEEK! I’m a firm believer that the week before vacation might just be the worst week ever. I love all the weeks leading up to vacation, because you have something so fun to look forward to, but man-oh-man that last week of tidying things up, crossing t’s and dotting i’s…no thank you! But we made it! It’s Friday and I’ve got some things to dish, so let’s get right down to the details.

1. Call me late to the party, but Dane and I recently discovered our love for macarons. We’ve seen them everywhere for awhile, but we took the plunge and tried some for the first time last weekend. Our minds were blown. I think maybe I was expected them to be full of gluten (they’re not) and Dane said he thought they would be hard, not soft. So you can imagine how excited we were to learn our pre-conceived notions were inaccurate. Since, we’ve been eating ALL THE MACARONS. One of our favorite spots here in Hawaii stocks a bunch of flavors and it’s safe to assume we’ve tried them all.

La Tour Cafe Macarons - 5 On Friday - Communikait

Have you ever had these delectables? Like I said, I know I’m late – but dang, I’m drooling just thinking about them.

2. My 3-ingredient sweet potato gnocchi went live over on SoFab Food. It’s a super easy meal that anyone who has ever eaten it loves. And yes – sweet potatoes are white here in Hawaii (no clue why), but it’s equally delicious with regular white potatoes. Homemade pasta is not as difficult as you think – I promise!

3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Gnocchi - 5 On Friday - Communikait

3. On the  blog this week in case you missed it:

Your favorite new party drink – Tropical Pineapple Confetti Cocktail

The best travel snacks to throw in your bag before your next trip!

4. A few weeks ago, I mentioned a bridesmaid dress dilemma, which I am happy to report has been solved! I ended  up ordering this beauty and have been not-so-patiently waiting on it to arrive!

Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dress - 5 On Friday - Communikait

We’re all wearing different dresses in the same dusty rose color, which I think will be so beautiful for my BFF’s October wedding in upstate New York.

5. And finally…a blogger survey! I’m constantly looking for inspiration on what you guys would like to see more of, less of or any feedback you just don’t want to put openly in the comments section. I try to do these once a year to gauge how well you’re liking what I’m throwing down…or something like that 😉 This form is completely anonymous so feel free to share with me what you’ve really liked lately, what you wish I’d shut up about and maybe a comment or two with suggestions on what you’d like to see! If you don’t mind, I’d really love the feedback!

Letterfolk Board - 5 On Friday - Communikait

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  • That dress is so pretty! Can’t wait to see it on you!

    • Kait

      Thank you friend!

  • Jen

    That dress is absolutely stunning! You are going to look amazing!

    • Kait

      You are so sweet, thank you! I’m excited to slip it on when it arrives to see!

  • Homemade pasta is seriously the BEST! I know John would love it with sweet potatoes! I was so confused the first time I bought them in Hawaii!

    • Kait

      Agreed 100%! I am always like gosh this is a lot of steps/work, but then it tastes so damn good!

  • OMG those macaroons, I got to try one in Paris airport and they are sooo good.. love the dress too.. i love gnocci but never homemade.. thanks for sharing.. just discovered this linky party and loving the concept..