How To Make Extra Money For The Holidays

Before we know it, the holidays are going to be here. It’s hard for me to believe, because I feel like it was just New Year’s Eve. Yeesh, where has this year gone?! Anyway, with the holidays comes gift giving and if there’s one thing I know about that, it’s that I always go way overboard. One thing that makes me feel better about this is the residual income I make throughout the year. But Kait, how do you do it? Today I’m sharing how to make extra money for the holidays so that you can treat your friends + family without breaking the bank!

How To Make Extra Money For The Holidays

I have a couple different methods for making money on the side, but one of my favorites is Swagbucks, because it pays out so quickly. Never heard of it? Let me clue you in..
Swagbucks is an online platform designed to help users earn credits, then letting them cash in those credits for gift cards to their favorite stores. The best part? You earn credits by printing coupons, shopping online, watching videos, taking surveys and more. Save money and earn money? Sign me the heck up! I’ve blogged about Swagbucks before, but a couple of you asked to learn more, so here I am! My friend Jen told me about it initially and…I was skeptical. But then she told me how she was making more than $50 per month in gift cards and my ears perked up. In two months, I’ve made $75 and chosen Amazon as my retailer, but I’ve got my eyes on a Sephora gift card next.  One of the easiest ways to earn Swagbucks is by shopping online. Simply go to your dashboard and click Shop on the left hand side. Hundreds of stores are sponsored by Swagbucks, so earning Swagbucks by doing shopping you had to do anyhow is a big plus to me.
My next favorite way to earn Swagbucks is to take Surveys. These add up so quickly and before you know it — it’s time to cash in on a gift card! If you’re like me and on your computer a lot throughout the day, nCrave is another great option for earning bucks. Simply choose videos to watch and have them run in a separate window while you work. At 6 Bucks per video — you’ll be meeting your goals FAST! I like to choose the ones with the circle and arrow, so they play automatically and you earn your ‘bucks faster!
If you download the Swagbucks app on your smartphone, it will alert you to a special code every day that gives you Swagbucks for free! Codes range in value from 2-6 Swagbucks, but every little bit helps, I promise. If I missed anything — feel free to let me know! Now, go sign up and start making money 🙂 Do you do Swagbucks? How do you like it?
My next favorite way to score is getting cash back with EBates. I use EBates when I’m shopping, because sometimes their cash back percentage is better than Swagbucks, but I always, always double check. You can score great deals on hotels, airfare and more when you book with EBates which I personally love since we travel so much. Sign up here to learn more!
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What are your tips for making money?
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August 17, 2017


  • This is awesome! I've heard so many amazing things about swagbucks and ebates but have never taken the time to sign up. I totally forget about them when I need to buy things, DOH! I'll have to look into the surveys and videos, I'm on the computer ALLLLLLL DAY!

  • I'll definitely have to look into these. I'm a newbie full time entrepreneur and am open to different ways to bring in the bacon!

  • Bookmarking! I've never heard of these but I love the idea.

  • I hardly ever shop online, so I always forget to use this! I'll have to stick a post it to my computer when I'm holiday shopping.

  • Jen

    I started using ebates too and that has been awesome!

  • Jen

    Swagbucks and ebates are my fav!

  • I'm so late to this post! I have been on Swagbucks for awhile but cannot seem to earn anything for the life of me! How do you do it?! Haha, I do the surveys but usually don't "qualify" to receive anything. And the nCrave page never works either– I use Chrome so I don't know if that makes a difference. It just never loads for some reason.