5 Perks Of Being A Morning Person

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SToKCoffee #CollectiveBias5 Perks To Being A Morning Person - Stok Coffee - Hawaii - CommunikaitGrowing up, I would sleep in as long as my parents let me. Sometimes that meant waking up around lunch time…and still wishing I could sleep longer! It sounds crazy to me now, because if I even sleep until 7AM, I feel like half my day is gone. As I get older, I become more and more of a morning person. I love the quiet moments before (I feel like) the rest of the world is awake and honestly…I swear I get more done! It’s like I tick 5 things off my list and it’s barely 9AM – hallelujah! When I moved to Hawaii and my body was adjusting to the time change and jet lag, I was waking up before the sun. It’s safe to say that 5+ years later, I still am 🙂

That’s not to say that it didn’t come along with a little coaxing. It’s HOT in Hawaii (duh!), so after I have my first  cup of hot coffee, I need something that is going to keep me going, not leave me wanting to crawl into bed. Fellow heat dwellers feel me on this one! I turn to SToK™ Unsweet Cold Brew Iced Coffee, a low and slow cold brew coffee with no weird ingredients. See also: I can pronounce everything on the label.

I first discovered SToK™ last summer when I was visiting my parents on the mainland. My mom had picked up a 48 oz. bottle at Walmart after she saw the catchy label (we are suckers for good branding in this family) and the rest is history! We’ve been drinking it ever since.

5 Perks To Being A Morning Person - Stok Coffee - Hawaii - CommunikaitYou can pick up your own bottle of SToK™ Unsweet Cold Brew Coffee at your local Walmart in the dairy/refrigerator section and be sure to look for all the flavors – like new SToK™ Chocolate!5 Perks To Being A Morning Person - StoK Coffee - Hawaii - CommunikaitI love that SToK™ sets the tone for my day — refreshing and delicious.5 Perks To Being A Morning Person - StoK Coffee - Hawaii - CommunikaitWith my new-ish appreciation for mornings, I find myself happier and content overall.


Being a morning person gives me more time to:

1. Enjoy morning workouts (hiking, running, biking)

Let me tell you a little secret – no one else is working out before the sun rises and if they are – it’s a heck of a lot fewer than after that 8AM hour hits. I love being able to catch sunrise hikes and morning runs before it gets too hot (and dangerous) to workout. This often means waking up before 4AM or so to get above the clouds if I’m hiking or 5AM to get out on the pavement.

2. Go to breakfast or brunch

Fewer things annoy me more than when I’m ready to eat breakfast or brunch and there’s a line at my favorite restaurant. Beating the rush and heading out early has never failed me!

3. Get to the beach before it’s too crowded

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s so important here in Hawaii. Certain beaches get pretty crowded depending on the time of the year and the wave patterns (hello, surfing!). If I’m up, ready and set to go, I can head out to my favorite beach and pretty much have the pick of the litter, whereas a lazy morning would leave me with limited options.

4. Accomplish a bigger chunk of my to-do list

It’s no secret that the early bird gets the worm, but I never understood this saying more than I do now. Once I’m up and have my list in hand I’m like an automatic list ticker – check, check, check. Fewer interruptions leads to more accomplishments in areas like writing, cleaning, laundry and more.

5. Feel better

Because I wake up early and my body simply doesn’t sleep in, I tend to go to bed earlier. Getting a full night’s rest (when I can) is so important to overall functionality and mental clarity that it has become a vital part of my routine. When I sleep better, I function at full capacity. I think that’s something we can all strive for!

5 Perks To Being A Morning Person - StoK Coffee - Hawaii - Communikait

Are you a morning person or a night owl? What keeps you going?

5 Perks To Being A Morning Person - StoK Coffee - Hawaii - Communikait


  • I agree with these perks! Though I don’t drink coffee 🙂 The one thing I like about how the sun is starting to come up later as we get closer to fall is that my morning work time is in the dark – not as easy to get out of bed, but there’s something about working in the dark in my little office with just a lamp for lighting that makes me sooooo productive. It’s like stolen time or something.

    • Kait

      YES! The stolen time sentiment is not lost on me. Hawaii only really has 12 true hours of daylight since we don’t participate in daylight savings, so the sun rises at 6 year round and sets at 6 year round, so anytime before that….dark and dreamy. Perfect for writing! And side note: kudos on no coffee!!